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Electronic Meditation
Thursday December 3rd, 2015 with Sean McFee
They did the culture mash

Tonight it's all music that doesn't appear in the CKCU search history... so nothing that has been played in the last five years at least. Most of the artists tonight mix together more than one culture in one way or another.
Michel Séguin was a member of several 1970s ensembles, including VEBB and Toubabou, and also played with Contraction and Cousineau. This solo album features the contributions of Miroslav Vitous (bass, keys), Mamadou Ndiaye Rose, and Ibrahima Gueye.
Bon Gris Gris
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Lion Man
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Michel Séguin - Esprit des Vents - JAM Canadian
Next up we continue the same vibe with Italian artist Aktuala, featuring Lino "Capra" Vaccina on drums and percussion, and the German group Emma Myldenberger (who later evolved into Radio Noisz Ensemble), both groups adept at mixing folk styles into their music. The Emma Myldenberger and Radio Noisz Ensemble catalogs got lavish reissues a few years back by the Garden of Delights label, although I still have them on vinyl.
Alef's Dance
Aktuala - Aktuala - Artis
Emma Myldenberger - Tour de Trance - Minos & Stelis
Serenade Central
Radio Noisz Ensemble - Yniverze - Ubu Muziek
Now for a couple of Polish bands who reached beyond their national borders for inspiration.
Forest of Karma
Atman - Personal Forest - Drunken Fish
Rozdzial I
Osjan (Ossian) - Ksiega Chmur Tom I - Muza
Rozdzial II
Osjan (Ossian) - Ksiega Chmur Tom I - Muza
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and the Orchestra of the Eighth Day (Orkiestra Osmego Dnia) created several compelling orchestral rock releases before Kaczmarek moved full-time into soundtrack work for several movies, including Finding Neverland. The album names below translate to "Music for the End" and "Waiting for Halley's Comet".
Piesn Zalobna
Orkiestra Osmego Dnia - Muzyka na koniec - Savitor
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Czekajac na komete Halleya - Savitor
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Czekajac na komete Halleya - Savitor
Oriental Wind was a collaboration between Turkish musicians (including Okay Temiz) and Swedish musicians (including Bobo Stenson of Fläsket Brinner). There was an earlier group in this vein as well, involving Temiz and other Turkish and Swedish musicians, called Sevda. Oriental Wind uses ideas from a number of cultures, even taking a traditional Bulgarian melody on one track (interestingly, each track also lists its time signatures). A band well worth checking out.
Sari Kiz
Oriental Wind / Okay Temiz - Oriental Wind - Sonet
We conclude this week with a Hungarian folk outfit. Initially called Kolinda, they were situated in France in the late 1970s where they put albums out on the French Hexagone label, making them stable-mates with the great Breton folkrock group Malicorne, and in the same way they mined traditional material and instrumentation, maybe also in the tradition of Béla Bartók. Relocating to Hungary, they merged with the group Makam and made two more albums as Makam es Kolinda before breaking up again for over a decade...
Szélcsend / Szélcsend után
Makam es Kolinda - Szélcsend Után - Hungaroton
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