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Electronic Meditation
Thursday March 12th, 2015 with Sean McFee
The Vinyl Countdown III

OK, let's get into this. The first track comes from Edgar Froese's third solo album, and the only one not reissued on CD in its original form, as it was put out only on Brain and not co-released on Virgin, and therefore did not find its way to the various CD collections that Virgin has put out.
pa 701
Edgar Froese - Macula Transfer - Brain
Next up, some Klaus Schulze. I liked this album so much I bought it again on vinyl, and it opened up a whole new way of hearing the album... one with pops and clicks! Where does Berlin School experimentation end, and the need to invest in a Nitty Gritty begin? Let us not dwell on such things, as the music is lovely and ethereal, and you are too for listening to it.
Klaus Schulze - Moondawn - Brain
And now for the last callback for previous shows, from Manuel Göttsching's Ash Ra project, the 4-part Lotus. Although subsequent Ash Ra albums featured more personnel, on this album it's solo, much like Inventions for Electric Guitar.
Lotus Parts I-IV
Ashra - Blackouts - Virgin
"Do you take requests?"
Appalachian Rain (conclusion)
The Exploding Meet - Mapping New Tangier - Birdman Sound Canadian
Pascal Languirand - Vivre ici maintenant - Minos Canadian
Pascal Languirand - Vivre ici maintenant - Minos Canadian
I also did a Sweden-Indonesia show a few months ago, and while Indonesian vinyl (non-reissue) barely exists, there is obviously a lot of Swedish music on vinyl that would be of interest to listeners, such as this electronic music gem from the late 1970s. The band name means "The Virgin and Child With St. Anna", a reference to the Gospel of James. The music fits in very well here.
Den barbariska söndagen
Anna Själv Tredje - Tussilago Fanfara - Silence
Michel Madore released two music albums in Canada before leaving for France where he became a visual artist. The first album, which I have played before, is quite different from this and is inspired by rock and fusion. The second release is more in the electronic / ambient vein...
La chambre, une vision...
Michel Madore - La Chambre Nuptiale - Kebec Disc Canadian
Thanks for listening and see you next time!
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Bermbi Blurr
Oh hi, Sean.

12:50 AM, March 12th, 2015
Sean McFee (host)

12:51 AM, March 12th, 2015
Bermbi Blurr
Nice music-ing. Very vinyl. Yes. Punny.

12:56 AM, March 12th, 2015
Sean McFee (host)
Each note has been carefully selected.

12:58 AM, March 12th, 2015
Bermbi Blurr
I can hear the care and consideration.

1:06 AM, March 12th, 2015
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