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Electronic Meditation
Thursday October 9th, 2014 with Sean McFee
The Vinyl Countdown II

Tonight, the Vinyl Countdown II, potentially but not really subtitled The French Connection. The rules are: tonight everything is taken from a record.
C'es la faute à Casanova
l'Orchestre Sympathique - Live in Detroit - Radio Canada International Canadian
Last program I played a track from La Nouvelle Frontière, where Richard and Marie-Claire Séguin got their start. For this show I'll dig into their four-album arc as Les Séguins, which preceded their respective solo careers.
Les Séguins - Séguin - WEA Canadian
Prière a la terre
Les Séguins - Récolte des Rêves - Kot'Ai Canadian
Les Séguins - Festin d'Amour - CBS Canadian
The next set is all-request for Pr33t, and old friend and fellow traveler in the ways of record accumulation.

Keris was the post-Ys post-Stivell group of Pascal Stive, Michel Santangeli, Pierre Chereze, Jacky Thomas, and Patrick Molard, playing electrified Breton folk. David Rose of Transit Express guests. Galorn is in a similar vein.

Les Champignons were a psych-prog group from Quebec in the 1970s. Their only album has never appeared legitimately on CD.

Eloiteron were a Swiss one-shot who released Lost Paradise in 1981. It's a nicely executed symphonic progressive rock release with charming vocals.
Keris - Avel Vor - Philips
Sands et dérobée
Galorn - Galorn - Velia
Rêve futur
Les Champignons - Première capsule - Giguère-Gauthier Canadian
Tree of conflicts
Eloiteron - Lost Paradise - private
My other recent acquisitions for this week, a pair of albums by the French keys-percussion duo of Dominique Perrier and Roger Rizzitelli, known as Space Art. Straddling a space between earlier electronic music artists and the later school of Jarre/Vangelis, they are a good entry point into tonight's second, more electronic hour.
Space Art - Space Art - Carrere
Space Art - Trip in the Head Center - Carrere
French keyboardist Bernard Szajner released several albums under his own name in the early 80s, but before this released the album Visions of Dune under the name Zed. This album contains two side-long suites of dark electronic music mixed with rock. Klaus Blasquiz of Magma guests on the second side, so that's the one I'll play just for kicks.
Second Vision
Zed - Visions of Dune - The Initial Recording Company
I wasn't actually intending to work through the letter "Z" in my collection. That's just how it worked out. Interesting notes:
1) Zadri and Mo are people. On the back cover of Zadri & Mo, it looks like Mo is going to kill Zadri.
2) Zadri & Mo somehow got released on Polydor, which I can only assume got somebody fired.
3) I bought Zadri & Mo blind in Paris for 4 euros because François Auger of Heldon plays on it and it had long tracks. I then forgot about it and didn't play it for five years. I now live with the regret of knowing I could have had five more years with knowledge of this music in my domepiece.
4) I have nothing amusing to say about Zanov.
Zadri & Mo - Erebus - Polydor
Sky Energy
Zanov - In Course of Time - Solaris
Thanks for listening! Next show will be "normal", and the show after that will be funding drive. Feel free to request themes, artists, countries, or freestyle rap topics anytime, and future shows may very well have those things.