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Nothing To See Hear
Tuesday December 3rd, 2019 with Phil
Non-Noisy/Yelly Music aka Stuff I Rarely Get To Play

I'm Still #1
Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary
Microphone Fiend
Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader
Wash Your Face In My Sink
Dream Warriors - And Now the Legacy Begins Canadian
Earth People
Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst
Real Estate
Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies Canadian
Shadows of Tomorrow
Madvillain - Madvillainy
Longitudinal Centre
John K. Samson - Provincial Canadian
Modern World
The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers
Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ) - People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World
Oceanographer's Choice
The Mountain Goats - Tallahassee
How Can It Be
Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs
My Chinchilla
Cub - Betti-Cola Canadian
Jenny Ondioline
Stereolab - Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
Interactive CKCU