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Nothing To See Hear
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 with Elly Laberge
RapQueb Radio #4

This week, Elly gave another RapQueb radio special, the fourth show in a series dedicated to Quebec hip hop, rap and instrumental music. It's a bilingual show, en franglais à l’image de la musique jouée, and it features tracks by Random Recipe, Morti Viventear, Lary Kidd, FouKi, and DONZELLE among others. Check it out!
DONZELLE - Single Canadian New
Legend, Lore and Legacy
Morti Viventear - Lovecraftsmanship Canadian
Yerly - Almost Here and There Canadian New
Short Notice
Planet Giza - Detour: Zayad City Canadian
MMXVIII (featuring Giselle Numba One, Heartstreets & Tali Taliwah)
Random Recipe - Distractions Canadian New
Désirée (feat. Cape Tula & Yen Dough)
Yes McCan - Single Canadian New
Petit Jésus
Lary Kidd - Controle V2 Canadian New
Nate Husser - Geto Rock for the Youth Canadian
La Plage
Eman x Vlooper - La Joie Canadian
Génie & Folie
Monk.E - Couronne à double tranchant Canadian New
Man y faut que ça
Seba & Horg - Grosso Modo Canadian New
FouKi - Zay Canadian New
Soir d’orage
Rymz - Mille Soleils Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Dick Altavista
Sounding heavy and wicked!!!!

5:25 PM, April 3rd, 2018