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Monday May 11th, 2015 with Science Faction team, DesTrois
Science Faction Episode two - Powered Plants

Science Faction is a show about unbelievable discoveries, told with the 1000 most used words and a few little exceptions. This mini-series airs each month in 2015 & is distributed by 50+ radio stations This independent production is supported, in part, by personal contributions from our listeners and jeunes volontaires ___________________________________________________________________ POWERED PLANTS - by SCIENCE FACTION ( This episode brings us to the chemical engineering laboratory of Dr. Michael Strano of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where a group of scientists has developed a way to integrate microscopic technology into the leaves of plants, transforming them into the self-powered machines of the future. Episodes of Science Faction will be aired on the last Wednesday of the month on tic's Wednesday Morning Special Blend around 9:07 AM.
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