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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 3rd, 2018 with Ralph Hopper
Felipe Otondo, Ethernet Orchestra, James Bailey, Juan Carlos Vasquez

Night Study No. 1
Felipe Otondo - self
Felipe Otondo - self
The Ethernet Orchestra can be accessed through their web site - - and welcome the chance to meet musicians and sound artists interested in exploring networked performances.
August 14.2/14.3/14.4
Ethernet Orchestra - Diaspora - Pueblo Nuevo Canadian
And all that there is within
James Bailey - sonus Canadian
Collage 1
Juan Carlos Vasquez - Collages
Collage 2
Juan Carlos Vasquez - Collages
Collage 3
Juan Carlos Vasquez - Collages
Interactive CKCU
Ethernet Orchestra. Interesting concepts! Related, might want to check out Ljova's 'Signal Strength' which network connects the 'Underground Ensemble' across 9 NYC subway stations. Go here:

1:16 PM, December 3rd, 2018
Ralph Hopper (host)
Thanks for this link, Peter, will certainly check it out.

1:20 PM, December 3rd, 2018