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Acoustic Frontiers

Acoustic Frontiers
Monday August 6th, 2018 with Ralph Hopper
Barry Truax, Figure From Ground, CIME 2008

Sequence of Later Heaven
Barry Truax - Song of Songs - Cambridge St Canadian
Track 4
Figure From Ground - Formative Sketches
Five Miniatures
Christos Zachos - CIME 2008
Jakub Ciupinski - CIME 2008
Calida Construccio
Joan Bages i Rubi - CIME 2008
Outre vide: Le vide ethnique
Didier Simone - CIME 2008
In 4
Nikos Stavropoulos - CIME 2008
Interactive CKCU
Hi Ralph. Just to let you know, the CKCU FM signal still appears to be DOWN. Streaming side of thins is working. I called earlier when Evan was on (around 11:30). Presumably someone has been called???

12:31 PM, August 6th, 2018
Ralph Hopper (host)
Thanks Peter, is it up now? Is now running through the board as signal...

12:44 PM, August 6th, 2018
Was out on an errand at the time you typed. But, YES up now...

1:05 PM, August 6th, 2018
Ralph Hopper (host)

1:11 PM, August 6th, 2018