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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 27th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Stephen Ruppenthal/Bruno Liberda, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Carlos Sandoval, Cyril Gourvat, Andre Ruschkowski, Heinz-Josef Florian, Lars Brondum, Ami Radunskaya

Our musical journey today takes us to Sweden, Germany, France, China and the USA. We hear works that include trumpet, cello along with electronic versions and a radio baton. Tune in to find out more and hear some totally unique music.
A Sphere of Air is Bound
Stephen Ruppenthal/Bruno Liberda - Flamethrower
A Chinese Triptych
Juan Carlos Vasquez - self
La ciudad de los inventarios
Carlos Sandoval - Soundcloud
Cyril Gourvat - Jouissance Extase
Andre Ruschkowski - Ausbruch Aufbruch - DEGEM
Hannah’s Tapesession 2a
Heinz-Josef Florian - Ausbruch Aufbruch - DEGEM
Chain of Events
Lars Brondum - Chain of Events
A Wild and Reckless Place
Ami Radunskaya - CDCM Computer music series vol 15 - Centaur
Interactive CKCU
Cyril Gourvat
Thank's for having scheduled my music !

12:17 PM, November 28th, 2017
Elorious Cain
another amazing show!

4:37 AM, December 6th, 2017