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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 20th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Rafael Munoz Gomez, Nikos Stavropoulos, Elainie Lillios, Destellos 2017, Francois Bayle

Three tracks to wrap up the Metamorphoses 2016 CD along with 3 works from the Destellos 2017 competition there was no time for last week.
Rafael Munoz Gomez - Metamorphoses 2016
Nikos Stavropoulos - Metamorphoses 2016
Contemplating Larry
Elainie Lillios - Metamorphoses 2016
Damian Gorandi - Destellos 2017
Dinámica de lo impensado
Jorge Sad - Destellos 2017
Opaque Fragments
Marc Parazon - Destellos 2017
Motion – Emotion
Francois Bayle - Bayle
Interactive CKCU