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Acoustic Frontiers

Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 30th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
Paul Lansky, Christos Hatzis, John Oswald, John Oliver, Hildegard Westerkamp, Francis Dhomont, Jean Piche and more.

A few of my favourite EA things to end off 2013. Se you next year.
Paul Lansky - Electro Acoustic Music 1 - Neuma
The Temptation of St. Anthony
Christos Hatzis - Byzantium - CMC Canadian
Bell Speeds
John Oswald - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Marimba Dismembered
John Oliver - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Resonances D'arabesques
Stephane Roy - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Zack Settel - Electro Clips - IMED
Breathing Room
Hildegard Westerkamp - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Point de fuite
Francis Dhomont - Mouvances-Metaphores - IMED Canadian
In Vertical Fire
Jean Piche - Halogenes - UMMUS Canadian
Concerto pour piano MIDI
Alain Thibault - Volt - IMED Canadian
Stories Told
Daniel Scheidt - Action/Reaction - IMED Canadian