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What's The Frequency?
Tuesday March 1st, 2016 with Kevin O'Meara
Ottawa In The 1960s (Part 1)

The first part in a tripartite series exploring Ottawa music in the 1960s, focusing primarily on surf and pop-rock inspired by the British Invasion up to 1966.
You Gotta Try
Thee Deuces - You Gotta Try single Canadian
Blau Wile Deveest Fontaine
Paul Anka - I Confess single Canadian
The Stranger
The Regals - The Stranger single? Canadian
Every Other Guy
The Darnells - Every Other Guy single Canadian
The Esquires - Atlantis single Canadian
I've Lost My Girl
The Esquires with Bob Harrington - Atlantis single Canadian
The Man From Adano
The Esquires - Introducing The Esquires Canadian
Love Hurts
The Staccatos with Dean Hagopian - - Canadian
It Isn't Easy
The Staccatos - It Isn't Easy single Canadian
Move To California
The Staccatos - Initially Canadian
So Many Other Boys
The Esquires - So Many Other Boys single Canadian
Cry Is All I Do
The Esquires - Cry Is All I Do single Canadian
Love's Made A Fool Of You
The Esquires - Love's Made A Fool Of You single Canadian
I Change My Mind
The Raphaels - Someday single Canadian
Turn Him Down
Skaliwags - Turn Him Down single Canadian
Me Minus More
Skaliwags - Me Minus More single Canadian
Bad John single
The Scoundrels - Bad John single Canadian
Interactive CKCU
fyi - Thee Deuces feature the father of the guys in Skytone, a newer Ottawa band as they continue the tradition of great music coming out of Ottawa

1:30 PM, October 4th, 2017