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An exploration of music you may not have heard before, including live sessions and documentaries on under-appreciated musicians, genres and movements!
Hosted by: Kevin O'Meara
Airs: Every Tuesday from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM

What's The Frequency?

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Sep. 19, 2017 Kevin O'Meara Pacific Northwest in the Long 1990s
Sep. 12, 2017 Kevin O'Meara Psychobilly & Horror Punk (Part 1)
Sep. 5, 2017 Kevin O'Meara The Jins - Live At CKCU
Aug. 22, 2017 Kevin O'Meara If I Look Strong, You Look Strong - Live At CKCU
Aug. 15, 2017 Kevin O'Meara Dreampop & Shoegaze (1995-1998)

A weekly exploration of awesome music you may not have heard before, along with background historical info and reasons why you should listen! Expect a theme focusing on particular years, movements and bands that have gone under-appreciated. The music is primarily from my record collection, local releases, or from forgotten pits of the internet, with genres spanning from indie, progressive rock, folk, garage punk, art-pop, electronica, jazz, soul, metal, alt-country and lo-fi.