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Tuesday October 21st, 2014 with Emma B
Cool Shows in Ottawa

Check out the awesome events here: These next two weeks are going to be awesome to say the least!
JPNSGRLS - Circulation Canadian
JPNSGRLS - Circulation Canadian
Death Star
Tindervox - Tindervox Canadian
Tall Trees - Marionette / Dance With Me Canadian
Countdown(feat. Luke Lalonde) Beyonce Cover
The Elwins - Record Store Day Canadian
Stuck In The Middle
The Elwins - Singles Collection Canadian
Say Hi
Pith and the Parenchymas - Song of the Neverending.. Canadian
Button Fumbla
Royal Canoe - Today We're Believers Canadian
Royal Canoe - Today We're Believers Canadian
Green Bellows
Her Harbour - Winter's Ghosts Canadian
Headed for the Door
Moonface - Moonface Canadian
Pretty Respectable
Mounties - Thrash Rock Legacy Canadian
Prairie Girl
Rah Rah - The Poet's Dead Canadian