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Thursday Special Blend - Geek On
Thursday May 22nd, 2014 with Kiernan Mac
Geek On! What Is The Future Of Anime?

From “Fullmetal Alchemist” to “Afro Samurai”; to “Attack on Titan” to “Pokémon” and everything in between, throughout the month of May we here at the Geek On! Show have looked, extensively, at the past and present of contemporary Japanese anime. However, in this final episode, we simultaneously go full circle to conclude “Anime Month” by discussing the future of anime. Relieve the discussion as host Kiernan Mac, along with special guest Amerigo Rocha, the host of “Test Cast Please Ignore”, delve into discussing both the challenges and solutions of Japanese animation in the near future. Will online crowd funding platforms (such as Kickstarter and Indigogo) save the anime industry? Does Hollywood have a role in promoting anime culture? Which genre of anime will characterize the future of the media? Put on your luchador mask, jump in the ring, and tune in. Only on Geek On! Amerigo Rocha (aka. Mintyfeet): Website: Youtube: Anime@Carleton: Website: Facebook: Anime North: Website: --------------- Notable Anime Kickstarter Pages (Past & Present): 1. "Kick-Heart" ( 2. "Patema Inverted" ( 3. "Little Witch Academia 2" (
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