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Indie City Madness
Monday August 2nd, 2021 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 395: Peak Summer

This week on the show, we celebrate peak summer with new tracks by The Halluci Nation, Fanclubwallet, Silent Quiet Spaces, Beverley McKiver and several others. Enjoy!
It’s Over feat. Chippewa Travellers
The Halluci Nation - One More Saturday Night Canadian New
It Meant Something Else
Miguel de Armas Quartet - Continuous Canadian New
Super Dude (Jorun Bombay Remix)
Pimp Tea x Brockway Biggs - An Urbal Remedy Canadian New
Nice Dreams
Dashhype - TRIPS Canadian New
Chaque fois qu'elle tourne autour du soleil
Silent Quiet Spaces - This Is How We Live Now EP Canadian New
Flew Away
Fanclubwallet - Hurt is Boring Canadian New
Lady Slipper
Beverley McKiver - Canadian Floral Emblems Sheet Music Canadian New
Swing Low, White Moon
Joe St. Clare - No Stranger to Pain Canadian New
Waiting For A Sign
Foreman and Co. - Foreman and Co. Canadian New
Feeling It Tonight
Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas - Two ninety three Canadian
Easy Target
Les Shirley - Forever Is Now Canadian
Notre dame du Lac​-​des​-​Fées​/​Our lady of fairies' lake
Autowah - Val Demon Summer 2021 Acid Test Canadian New
Shut Your Mind
Angels as Predators - Angels as Predators Canadian New
C. Circo - Niche Canadian New
Interactive CKCU