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Tuesday October 20th, 2020 with Shelley Ann Morris and Chris White
Christine Malec and JJ Hunt discuss the 'Talk Description With Me' podcast

Christine Malec and JJ Hunt talk about 'Talk Description With Me', a podcast in which they describe the visuals aspects of current events and the world around us. These 'description-rich' conversations are intended for people who are blind or have low vision, but have proven very interesting to others as well! JJHunt is an innovative Audio Describer and a born storyteller. Christine Malec is a perpetually inquisitive member of the blind and partially-sighted community who is always wondering about something! See for more information.
Interview with Christine Malec and JJ Hunt about their 'Talk Description To Me' podcast -- see Christine is a regular contributor to 'Kelly and Company' on AMI Accessible Media -- see
Honey Bee
Sonny Aiken - Lost, Lonesome Cowboy Canadian New
Lost, Lonesome Cowboy
Sonny Aiken - Lost, Lonesome Cowboy Canadian New
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Shelley Ann Morris
Thank you to J.J. and Christine for taking time to speak with me about their podcast. This interview in particular was an incredible learning experience for me. One of the biggest lessons that I learned here was the importance of neutrality. Thank you so much to you both, and for Chris White's excellent production. Jazz Hands all around.

9:39 AM, October 20th, 2020
Charming Anarchist
Great show! The guests mentioned 9 11 and George Floyd a lot. George Floyd was held down for 8mins46seconds and the 1st tower was hit at 8h46 am in the morning. Guess what time sunset arrived in Minneapolis on that fateful May 25th, 2020 day and guess what time George Floyd died? For those with ears to see and eyes to hear.

4:20 PM, October 20th, 2020
I loved hearing about this podcast! I'll be checking it out for sure. It was a great interview and your guests were so engaging! Fantastic show, as always.

9:56 AM, October 22nd, 2020