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Welcome To My World
Tuesday November 26th, 2019 with Kim Kilpatrick, Shelley Ann Morris and Daniel Bouret
Going to a Museum With Disabilities

Last week, Kim and Shelley were invited to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum along with other people who are blind/low vision. We were there to check out the Health In Space exhibit. We had quite the adventure, and we would like to tell you all about it.
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Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hello Everyone Thank you again for all of your kind donations, support and of course, continued listening to WTMW!

5:37 AM, November 25th, 2019
Mike Mercer
You're welcome Shelley & yes I've been to a lot of museums while living in Ottawa for 26 & a half years! Good luck on your spinathion on the 29th!:)😁❤

8:25 AM, November 26th, 2019
Old Union Guy
i bet teachers will continue to assist persons with disabilities....because they care about their students....and it would be very dumb public relations to fail at that! the issue is class size. society should support them. "FORD": "fix or recall daily" ;-)

9:21 AM, November 26th, 2019
Great conversation today on a variety of topics! It's an honour to support all that you do!

9:56 AM, November 26th, 2019