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Tuesday January 1st, 2019 with Jeff Larocque Filling In
Thevy & Abby Vara: An Organ Donation Story

To Register or verify if you are registered to donate your organs, you can get all of the information at
Yanni - Keys To Imagination
You Are More
The Harmony Club - How To Be Awesome Canadian
Uppu Kallu
Uppu Kallu - Kumar Bala (Dhina Songs)
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello Geoff, Thank you for filling in for Kim and I. I am listening in from home. Excuse the way my dictation program spells your name. Looking forward to hearing this wonderful show that you have prepared

9:09 AM, January 1st, 2019
Shelley Ann Morris
Incredible show. It told a very powerful and inspiring story Your guests I have a lot of courage to share their story with us. Thank you so much to you all!

9:59 AM, January 1st, 2019