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Tuesday January 9th, 2018 with kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
A 'classical' did-you-know show

There are many familiar names in the genre of Classical music that we all know very well, but did you know that there are those with disabilities that produced these familiar works? Can you imagine what it was like to have a disability in their time? We will present a selection of classical works composed and/or performed by those with disabilities.
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Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hello Everyone, Do you have a favourite classical piece of music? I will bet it was performed by someone with a disability. Stay tuned and find out--and please feel free to add your comments here.

8:43 PM, January 8th, 2018
How about Flight of the Bumblebees!! I missed what happened to you on the way to Carlton U today - glad you made it safely and I hope you get some help on your way out!!

9:33 AM, January 9th, 2018
Mike Mercer
My Mom loved a lot classical music

9:56 AM, January 9th, 2018