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Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World
Tuesday January 17th, 2017 with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
High Times At The Heart Institute

Kim and Shelley interview Ish Theilheimer, musician and and playwright. Ish has authored a play called HihTimes at the Heart Institute--a fictitious play based on his very positive experience at Ottawa's Heart Institute. The play is being performed by Stone Fence Theatre. The play will take place at the Hellenic Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Drive Sat Jan 21 There will be a reception with cash bar, dinner at &;)0 and music to follow.
What You Do With What You've Got
Susie Burke and David Surette - Sometimes In The Evening Canadian
Heaven's Perfect Smile
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian New
Talking To A Stranger
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian New
Open Letter To My Heart
John Allaire - Heart of Steel Canadian
Amazing Grace
Rhonda Head - Youtube
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Do you have a favourite app that you use as a person with (or without) a disability? We would love to hear about it.

9:54 AM, January 15th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Have any of you a good Ottawa Heart Institute story to share?

4:59 PM, January 16th, 2017
Professor Mike
Good Morning Everyone and enjoying this week's show and never miss it.

9:42 AM, January 17th, 2017
I know that I am very grateful to the Ottawa Heart Institute for what they did for Dad! Thanks for giving them a shout-out today.

9:54 AM, January 17th, 2017