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Tuesday March 31st, 2015 with Kim Kilpatrick, Shelley Ann Morris and Lorne Neufeldt
Gotta Go!

You never really think about public toilets until you need one. Whether you have a disability or not, this is an important issue. Joan Kuyek, Chair, Gotta Go! campaign will explain why we need a network of safe, accessible public toilets in Ottawa. City for All Women's Initiative will be holding a forum on Thursday April 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Honeywell Room at City Hall. For more info, visit We'll also have some (clean) bathroom music and Parastou will tell us about her amazing adventure!
What You Do With What You've Got
Susie Burke and David Surette - Sometimes In The Evening Canadian
Seven Old Ladies
Foster & Allen - Irish Drinking Songs--50 Pub Favorites
Dad I Gotta Go!
Cledus Maggard and the Citizens Band - The White Night
I Got This
Candice Sand - I Got This--single Canadian
Guide Cats For The Blind
Les Barker - ?
Talking Wheelchair Blues
Fred Small - The Heart of the Apaloosa
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Ever been stuck looking for a public washroom? Disabled or not we have all been there. We'd love to hear your stories!

4:37 PM, March 30th, 2015
I only was able to catch part of the show today so I'll listen online later. Congrats to Parastou! Happy birthday Kim! Can't wait to hear about Lorne's new guide cat!

9:54 AM, March 31st, 2015
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