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Welcome To My World
Tuesday December 30th, 2014 with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Last show of 2014--tips for gift-giving and a chance to say THANK YOU to all our supporters

Last show of 2014. Kim, Shelley and some guest hosts will talk about the last 365 days--a year that saw our show go from a half-hour to one full hour. We will talk about tips when giving gifts to those with disabilities and share some of our favourite music. We'd also like to thank once again those who supported us during the 2014 Funding Drive, during our two Radio Camps and those who have been a constant source of encouragement throughout the past year.
What You Do With What You've Got
Suzie Burke and David Surette - Sometimes In The Evening Canadian
A Moose In A Maple Tree
Chris Murray - Youtube Canadian New
3 Generations
Hawksley Workman - Almost A Full Moon Canadian
Robins and Roses
Chris White (and family) - Inner Voice Canadian
Avril Lavigne - Youtube Canadian
Feed Me Diamonds
Mindr (RAC Remix) - ?
La La La Girl
Paffendorf - ?
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for joining us for our last show of 2014. If you have any gift-giving tips for those with disabilities, please share. Thanks again to all of you who support our show, support us during Funding Drive and of course, for adding your voice! All the best for 2015.

7:44 AM, December 29th, 2014
Yes, overly gift wrapped prsents and excess use of tape are frustrating for me. I always prefer gift bags.

9:28 AM, December 30th, 2014
Love the songs this morning! I'll be continuing to listen in the car - will be passing by the station so look for me and I can give you a ride! Now that's a great little after Christmas gift isn't it?

9:34 AM, December 30th, 2014
Sandra Charron Carleton
Good show and Happy New year.......2015 will be the best.

9:39 AM, December 30th, 2014
Mommy Clarke
I enjoyed the choice of songs. It's good to end this year on a humorous note! Well done kids!

10:43 AM, December 30th, 2014
That was a nice show today. Thank you for playing "Robins and Roses". Best wishes for a glorious new year!

1:43 PM, December 30th, 2014
Happy New Year Kim, Shelly and all! I love the " dishes" song although this year my guests decided to "inaugurate" the dishwasher:) cheers

5:46 PM, December 30th, 2014
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hi All, Thank you so much for all your great comments and gift suggestions--much appreciated--a little common sense goes a long way. Looking forward to your comments in 2015, too!

7:33 AM, December 31st, 2014
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