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Welcome To My World
Tuesday October 28th, 2014 with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
First of two Funding Drive shows

It's Funding Drive time!!!! This will be our first of two Funding Drive shows for 2014. We'll have a brief chat with Susan Forster of the EARNetwork, who will tell us about the upcoming EARN Job Fair this Friday at City Hall. To register call Sharon at 613-228-6743. Parastou has a lovely, international pick this week. Dial and Donate!!! 613-520-3920.
What You Do With What You Got
Suzie Burke and David Surette - Sometimes In the Evening Canadian
Haunted House
Delbert and the Commotions - Let Me See You Dance Canadian
Work For All
Johnny Clegg and Jaluka - Work For All
Elegy for the Victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami
Nobuyuki Tsujii - Youtube
Davit Tatolo - Bichuanaland
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hi Folks, Please Dial and Donate--613-520-3920. We'd sure appreciate your help as we make our way to our goal.

8:15 PM, October 26th, 2014
Grace and Frank Smith
Just made our donation ladies! Happy to support such a great program.

8:06 AM, October 28th, 2014
Mike Mercer
I just donated a lucky 13 Dollar pledge online from Seadrift Texas Kim & Shelly!:)

9:14 AM, October 28th, 2014
Mike Mercer
Love that haunted house song!:)

9:16 AM, October 28th, 2014
I love hearing you channelling your inner Jerry Lewis! Good luck with the funding drive. The show certainly deserves to be supported!

9:40 AM, October 28th, 2014
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
Hey Y'all--that was for Mike in Texas! Just tried to say thank you but for some unknown reason I can't seem to get on to Facebook!! (loud, exasperated sigh!) Also wanted to thank ALL of you who dialed and clicked and donated--without a 'you' there is no 'us.' We sooooo appreciate all of your good support and want to say thank you for both the donation and sharing an hour in your week with us!!!!

7:18 PM, October 28th, 2014
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