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Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World
Tuesday October 15th, 2013 with Kim, Parastou and Shelley
Going to the Dogs

We are going to the dogs! Police dogs have been in the news lately. Kim, Parastou and Shelley will have a discussion about service dogs, etiquete and other things you might want to know. Dog songs and stories are welcome!
What You Do With What You Got
Suzie Burke and David surette - Sometimes in the Evening Canadian
What Does the Fox Say?
Ylvis - ?
Dog and God
Wendy Francisco - ?
Chris McLean - ? Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Enjoyed learning about Tulia and the loved the songs today.

9:59 AM, October 15th, 2013
Angel-dogs everywhere! Loved the show and the music. When is the cat show? ; )

10:01 AM, October 15th, 2013
Great show. I think Federal legislation should include all Service dogs and should include that an assault or attack on a Service Dog would be considered an assault on the person.

2:14 PM, October 16th, 2013
Thank you for a great show about animals. Tulia Rules OK!! A little known fact about Tulia: she is the best artists model in Ottawa. Parastou, once again, your music selection is brilliant.

7:06 PM, October 16th, 2013
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