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Welcome To My World
Tuesday September 10th, 2013 with Kim, Parastou and Shelley
The Back To School Edition

Kim, Shelley and Parastou interview Kathleeen Courtney of the Paul Menton Centre. Learn about what the PMC has to offer and find out some tips and tricks that people with disaabilities might want to know to navigate campus life successfully.
What You Do With What You Got
Suzie Burke and David Surrette - Sometimes int eh Evening Canadian
Be Easy
Massouri - ? Canadian
Me In Grade Nine
Bare Naked Ladies - Gordon Canadian
School Days
Chuck Berry - His Best
Interactive CKCU
Just getting a chance to listen to the show...have been fighting a nasty cold. Were the songs Stairway to Heaven and a Rush song? It's great the PMC exists for students today. Great show, as usual :-)

2:20 PM, September 13th, 2013
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