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Morning Metal

Morning Metal
Tuesday May 5th, 2015 with Rockso & Luis

Drumhead Trial
Protest the Hero - Volition Canadian
The Fear Complex
Cadence Calling - Metamorphosis Canadian New
Entranced By Twisting Skies
Endemise - Far From the Light Canadian New
Dreamer/Deceiver - Disconnect Canadian New
H8 Meh
From First To Last - Dead Trees New
The Bad Thing
Periphery - Juggernaut: Omega New
Pour Anotha Shot
Hasta La Muerte - Pour Anotha Shot New
By Silent Screams
Feared - Synder New
Our Last Night - Our Last Night New
Countdown To Hell
Crossfaith - Apocalyze
Atlas Novus
Scale The Summit - The Migration
Mechina - Conquerer
More Human Than Human
White Zombie - Astrocreep 2000
The Clincher
Chevelle - This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)
Youth of the Nation
P.O.D - Satellite
When I Feel Wrong
Corpore - She Came Like A Hurricane New
James Franco
Polyphia - Muse
The One
We Are Harlot - We Are Harlot New
Nu Beginning
Here Comes The Kraken - Hate, Greed & Death
Buried In Verona - Faceless
I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?
A Day To Remember - Homesick
Lights City
Erra - Moments of Clarity
No Pity For A Coward
Rings of Saturn - Lugal Ki En
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