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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday December 19th, 2018 with Neal
blindly curated tracks

Alright now
Chris Hazeltons Boogaloo 7 - 45rpm - Sunflower soul (2015)
The Qualitons - 45rpm - Tramp
Beetles in the bog
War - 45rpm - United
Days when we are free
Mashmakan - 45rpm - Columbia Canadian
almost immediately remembered that these folks were actually from Montreal
Les Nordiques (c'est notre equipe a nous)
Pierre Noles - 45rpm - Nordiques Quebec Canadian
Ay-Bo-Le no. 2
Les Maniboulas et l'orchestre de Roger Pilon - 45rpm - Trans Canada Canadian
Tiyeende pamodzi
th Tinkles - 45rpm - Chalo Kuwama
Ansell Wyatt Combo - 45rpm - Telco
Jimmy Fontana - 45rpm - RCA International
Quiet Jungle - 45rpm - Yorkville Canadian
the Rapper
Jaggarz - 45rpm - Kama Sutra
Can't you hear me
Winston Hewitt - 45rpm - Corrner Store Canadian
Watch your step
the Galaxies - 45rpm - Jay dee
the Honey Badger song
Pete James and the good times - 45rpm - KR Productions Canadian
Dance Little Sister
Miller Sisters - 45rpm - Rayna
Embrasse Moi
Ginette Taillon - 45rpm - Vedette Canadian
Theme Concours 28 Jours
Paul de Margerie - 45rpm - Jeunesse Oblige Canadian
so Slow
the Viscounts - 45rpm - Madison
Woman or a child
Jimmy Miller - 45rpm - Columbia
New York-born percussionist, and later a producer famed for his unique drum sounds and mixing skills (23 March 1942 - 22 October 1994). Worked with, amongst many others, Motörhead, Traffic and The Rolling Stones - who sacked him in 1973 due to his heroin addiction. Just before his death in 1994 he worked with Primal Scream
never had a love like that
the Sceptres - 45rpm - rca Canadian
Interactive CKCU