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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday March 29th, 2017 with Neal
#200 : Rainy day music for the sunny weather

Open Space
Piero Umilani - To-days Sounds - Liuto
Hidden Strength
Ted Moses Quintet - Sidereal Time - CBC Canadian
No Morira Jamas
Los Angeles Negros - Lo Mejor de... vol. 1 - Parnasa
Ripped apart by metal explosions
Galt McDermott - Up from the basement Vol 1 - Kilmanark Canadian
Filet de soul
The Flaming Ember - 45rpm - Hot Wax
Nickol Nickol
Brothers of Hope - 45rpm - Gamble
Electric Indian - 45rpm - United Artists
John and Mary
John and Mary - 45rpm - Decca
I wanna turn you on
Second Helping - 45rpm - Much Canadian
Fio Mara Villa
Melody Stewart - 45rpm - Totem Canadian
Seven Seas
Alpman - 45rpm - Abuse
Kill the hairy beast
Efrem - 45rpm - RCA Canadian
Kucek Bir Gece
Baris Manco - 45rpm - Sayan
Daddy Cool
Boney M - 45rpm - Atco
Colorado Creek
Lafayette Street - 45rpm - Deram
Interactive CKCU
haha! funky hairy beast

5:42 PM, March 29th, 2017