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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday March 22nd, 2017 with Neal
So Can U See Kay Si Vous?

We can be together
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteer - RCA
South Bound Down
Paupers - Ellis Island - Verve Canadian
Freak Out (Premiere partie)
Ouba - S/T - Out-Sider Canadian
Lion Head
Brave Radar - Lion Head - n/a Canadian
Never Let Me Down
Holy Cobras - Forever - Telephone Explosion Canadian
Plume et Cassonade - 45rpm - Deram Canadian
Plus Fort
Michel Pagliaro - 45rpm - Quinze Cent Trente Quatre Canadian
Spider Woman
Michel Pagliaro - 45rpm - Plastic Poison Canadian
Tout Simplement
Steve [Fiset] - 45rpm - Jupiter Canadian
Carre St-Louis in
Ovila B. Blais - 45rpm - Canusa Canadian
Danser Danser
Nanette Workman - 45rpm - Pacha Canadian
What the Hell I Got
Michel Pagliaro - 45rpm - Columbia Canadian
This song just reminds me of Oldies 1310, and driving around as a kid.
Interactive CKCU
Haha nice Pag selections! We need to do a Pag special!

6:21 PM, March 22nd, 2017