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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday April 20th, 2016 with Neal
Payback is an itch

Meet me at the movies
The Go - Whatcha doin - sub pop
Paybacks - knock loud - get back
Let's Kill ourselves
the Ponys - Laced with romance - in the red
The Equals - Rock around the clock vol. 1 - President
Lack of Communication
Von Bondies - Lack of Communication - Sympathy
CN Tower
Poles - 45 - Nimbus 9 Canadian
J'aime regarder les filles
Coutin - 45 - Epic
Thank You
Charisma - Chinese restaurant - Spittle
A pox on you
Silver Apples - Contact - Kapp
Ripped open by metal explosions
Galt McDermott - Up from the basement vol. 1 - Kilmanark Canadian
technical difficulties after this point...
Blunt l'inspecteur
Fet. Nat - Poule Mange Poule - E-tron Canadian
Interactive CKCU
hello Neal, is there any chance that the full playlist will be up there soon? Loved the show.

6:36 PM, April 20th, 2016
Hi Tony, unfortunately, technical issues hijacked the show, at somepoint during Galt McDermott

7:28 PM, April 20th, 2016