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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday April 13th, 2016 with Neal
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SHOW #150
Trip thru Hell (pt. 1)
CA Quintet - Trip thru Hell - Sundazed
CKC - VA/BIPP - Born Bad
Punish or Be Damned
Soupcan - Afterburners Vol. 3 - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Swing Shift (soisante neuf)
Nash the Slash - The Million Year Picnic - Ralph Canadian
Looking at you
Johnny Zhivago - microalbum - n/a Canadian
Kraftwerk - s/t - Philips
Sunbirds - s/t - Garden of Delights
When you smile
Dream Syndicate - s/t - zippo
ESG - A South Bronx Tale - Universal Sound
Vegas Paris
Fet Nat - Please Stop Saying it's so beautiful - E-tron Canadian
We are rolling
Medeski Martin & Wood - the dropper - Blue Note
Interactive CKCU