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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday April 16th, 2014 with Neal
Amy don't lose those b-day mushrooms

Puberty - 45rpm - telephone explosion
Song for my father
Horace Silver - Song for my father - Blue Note
Flute thing
Seatrain - Watch - Warner
Crystal Palace
Churls - S/T - A&M Canadian
Lost & wild
Nick Riff - A psychedelic psauna - Delerium
loop - Heaven's end - Reactor
Holy Cobras - Forever - Telephone explosion Canadian
No Morira Jamas
Los Angeles Negro - Lo mejor de - Parnasa
Pinball city
Bell rays - 45rpm - extra ball
Hand springs
White Stripes - 45rpm - third man
Birthday song
Dik Van Dykes - nobody likes... - Og Canadian
the Go - tracking the trail of the haunted beat - Italy
I'm lonely tonight little Amy
Hasil Atkins - Evening shadow road - .