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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday April 9th, 2014 with Neal
socan week

Life standing before
Unblonde - Tenet Canadian New
Fet. Net. - Poule Mange Poule Canadian New
David And Michaud - Kermit Roman Numeral - n/a Canadian
Burning White Light
Nervous System - Burning White Light - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Silver Dapple - English Girlfriend - Forchirstsake Canadian
Sister Suvi - Now I am champion Canadian
The Stranger + the fall
Mount Analogue - Gold AK - Planet of the tapes Canadian
Soupcans - Good Feelings - Telephone explosion Canadian
glass city
Ultrathin - 45rpm - Bad Master Canadian
I broke the circle
Slow - I broke the circle - zulu Canadian
Modern girl
Dead City Rebels - 45rpm - Beluga Canadian
My teenage queen
Spaceshits - 45rpm - Sympathy Canadian
Real rock & roll
Deadly Snakes - 45rpm - Crazy Money Canadian
Human torch
Porcelain Forehead - the world needs a clear head - Corpus Callousum Canadian
Cat run over by a bus
Terminal Sunglasses - from Montreal - og Canadian
No grats
Rent Boys Inc - 45rpm - notown Canadian
le soldat
Asile - 45rpm - choas rurale Canadian
now the demons
Klovenhoofs - infectious hooves - n/a Canadian