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OPIRG Roots Radio
Tuesday June 21st, 2016 with DJ Annonymous, DJ Haller, DJ Afrika
RIP Roger Clement, Matt Cicero on his Arrest for Arson, Stop Zibi, Justice for Ash

On today’s show we will be commemorating the death of Ottawa activist Roger Clement, listening to Matt cicero talk about being arrested for arson. We also have a news piece on the recent demonstration to protect the chaudiere falls and islands, and an interview with stop windmill activist Cathy Remus. DJ Haller also has a recap on Ash Courchene’s successful superior court trial against the CUSA electoral board’s decision to remove Courchene from his elected position as VP of Student Services.
Stadium Pow Wow
A Tribe Called Red - single Canadian New
Reconciliation River
Vela Catalyst - single Canadian New
Rumble in the Jungle
Tribe Called Quest ft Fugees, Busta Rhymes - single
PJ Harvey
When Under Ether - White Chalk
Interactive CKCU