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OPIRG Roots Radio
Tuesday June 14th, 2016 with DJ Anonymous
Stop Zibi Condoniniums on Stolen Algonquin Land, the Algonquin Land Claim, and How Liberals Empower Police and the Prison-Industrial Complex

On this episode we talk about opposition to the proposed Zibi condominiums, talk with Dr. Lynn Gehl on the Algonquin Land Claim, and explore how Liberals have been responsible for the expansion of police powers, and the growth of the prison-industrial complex.
We Can Do it (Dirty Money)
Amai Kuda ft. Y, Kinnie Starr & M1 (Dead Prez) - - Canadian
Divided Not Conquered
Mother Tareka - - Canadian
Mos Def ft. Slick Rick - -
G8 G20 Crash The Meeting
Test Their Logik - - Canadian
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