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Tuesday May 6th, 2014 with Rocky LaLune
CKCUxCHUO simulcast pilot! Plus interview with Jake Bornheimer/Herons Wake about National Drone day in Ottawa!

Teen Tits Wild Wives - Street Hawkz Canadian
Absolutely Free - UFO Canadian
Dew Chilled Goats Milk
RAAS - Afterburners Vol. 3 Canadian
Looks like rain but never came
Grime Kings - Honeymooning Canadian New
Cross-Check (Anatomique Voyage)
Fet.Nat - Poule Mange Poule Canadian New
Who Am I Kidding? I'm No Magician
V Infernalis - V Infernalis Canadian
Cripples 'n' Kids
Toronto Homicide Squad - Nein Bullets Canadian New
Devonian Gardens - House of Burners Canadian
Herons Wake - Landforms Canadian
Hatred of Music II
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath Canadian
Special Costello - Agoraphobia Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Moon Lips Disco Kitten
CKCU and CHUO joining forces! Trop cool! I'm loving the show today so far!

2:26 PM, May 6th, 2014
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