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Tuesday April 16th, 2013 with Rocky LaLune wsg Lidija Rozitis
Open Studio with Lidija from Roberta Bondar

You Gotta Move
The BackHomes - Only Friend Canadian New
Heaven for Real - Wanton Canadian New
A Strong Spinning
Each Other - Heavily Spaced Canadian
Mirror Mirror
Suuns - Images Du Futur Canadian New
He's Rubber I'm Real
Holy Cobras - Make Pyramids Canadian
Golden Desert Sun
Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert sun Canadian
Y Do You Call Me?
Colleen Green - Sock it To Me
Another Trick
Circle Pit - Bruise Constellation
Pretend To Care
Big Eyes - Hard Life
Fool's Rush In
Ricky Nelson - n/a
Pleather Bed
Roberta Bondar - Hiss EP Canadian New
New You
My Bloody Valentine - MBV New
Fire of Love
Terminal Twilight - Fire of Love
Arms Around Me
Baby Cages - I'm So Sorry Canadian New