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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 with TK
A special Happy Birthday show for my friend Brodie and my Grandma!

Welcome back to the Carleton Music Showcase! Today is a very special episode dedicated to my friend Brodie and my Grandma who had birthday's yesterday and today!! Happy Birthday to you both! These show favourites are dedicated to you! I also talk about my new video-game themed show "Grab the Guide" taking place on Thursday mornings from 6-7am! Come hang out with me!
All My Dreams Of You
Alexis Neon - All My Dreams Of You (Single) Canadian New
Angelo Leo - Vision Canadian
Jessica Bianconi - Heavy (Single) Canadian
On Joseph's Hill
Jordan King - On Joseph's Hill (Live Session) Canadian
Way up in the Sky
Kurtis Adamus - Way up in the Sky (Single) Canadian
Elle Anido - Stars (Single) Canadian
O Neptune - Cosmic Silence Canadian
Emm Crites - Company (Single) Canadian
Heart on Lockdown
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
ARiEL viEw - AreYouSure (Single) Canadian
Jian D.K - Time (Single) Canadian
The Beauty in Staying up Late
Maple Grove - Maple Grove Canadian
One Shot
Claire Kuzmyk - One Shot (Single) Canadian
Jillian Kerr - Home (Live Session) Canadian
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Taliya Keshavjee (host)
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12:41 PM, February 1st, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
Check out "Grab the Guide" Thursday mornings from 6-7!

12:42 PM, February 1st, 2021
I catch this show often & it's always good/great! Thanks! Happy Birthday Brodie & Grandma!! 🎂

1:46 PM, February 2nd, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
@hillbilly thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy the show! I'll make sure to send along the birthday messages :D

3:09 PM, February 2nd, 2021
Taliya missed your live show this week. Thank you for doing the show. Freda

1:13 PM, February 3rd, 2021