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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday November 26th, 2019 with Laura Falco
My last show!

Big thank you to CKCU & everyone that has joined me over the years on the showcase <3 Our new CMS hosts will be here in the New Year with all the fresh insight into what's up in Carleton's music program!
Living Is a Perfectionist's Nightmare
Gladys Lazer - Way Imperfect New
Gladys Lazer - Way Imperfect New
Doktoro Esperanto - The Listener's Perspective Canadian
Rainbow Connection
James Anderson - Out Loud Canadian
Out Loud
James Anderson - Out Loud Canadian
Such Slime
Nutrients - Canadian New
Nutrients - Canadian
Honey Baby
The Monotymes - Love Sick Canadian
Silver into Rain
Luna Li - Canadian
He Don't
Boyhood - Bad Mantras Canadian
Two Queries
Helena Deland - Altogether Unaccompanied, Vol. III Canadian
Only She Knows
Loving - Canadian
Lazy Liars
The Dant Danners - Part of the Problem Canadian
Hometown Hero
Andy Shauf - The Bearer Of Bad News Canadian
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