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I Doug That
Thursday February 2nd, 2023 with Doug Bird
Okay After many requests I decided to play whatever I wanted to. Unless the requests found their way into my subconcious musical library. Or my brain When I was grocery shopping and trying to get a Kiss song out of my head. Damn it's back in. Ah. musac

The Groove
David Wilcox - Boy In The Boat Canadian
All The Young Girls Love Alice
Ellton john - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Baby Sleep Until Storovo
Anabelle Chvostek - Rise Canadian
Tia Brazda - Bandshell Canadian
That Girl
Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme Canadian
Do You Hear The Sounds?
Ty Hall - Nothing But Time
Might Just Tke Your Life
Deep Purple - Burn
It Seems To Me
Rory Gallagher - Defender
All I Want
Crack The Sky - The Beauty Of Nothing
Full Moon On Main Street
The Kinsey Report - Edge Of The City
Joy Ride
Rick Derringer - All American Boy
Teenage Queen
Rick Derringe - All American Boy
Tomcat Prowl
David Gogo - 17 Vultures Canadian
The Worst
The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge
Interactive CKCU
heard in list! Thanks!

2:23 PM, February 2nd, 2023
I Doug That
You are very welcome hb. Thanks for listening!

3:11 PM, February 2nd, 2023