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I Doug That
Thursday January 26th, 2023 with Doug Bird
The show begins with a one song tribute to the recently late David Crosby. The song might be a message to us all. Then some Tinsley, some Mason, some 2112 and even some Kate Bush. More songs than you can shake a stick at. Well a small stick.

The Groove
David Wilcox - Boy In The Boat Canadian
Almost Cut My Hair
CSNY - Deja Vu
Cut You Loose
Tinsley Ellis - Storm Warning
Let The Spirit Go
Mason Ruffner - Evolution
Passage To Bangkok
Rush - 2112 Canadian
Revolution 1
The Beatles - White Album
Pardon My Heart
Neil Young - Zuma Canadian
Julian Taylor - Beyond The Reservoir Canadian New
Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
Mother Nature
Legion Of Saints - Legion Of Saints Canadian
Blinded By A Lie
UFO - Making Contact
A Man In A Purple Dress
The Who - Endless Wire
Interactive CKCU
Almost Cut My Hair was perhaps the most pervasive anthem for would-be hippies, at the time. And good day!

1:03 PM, January 26th, 2023
Who are these Bee-atlas you've got listed?

1:16 PM, January 26th, 2023
The Beat-less? And the Why? Album.

1:18 PM, January 26th, 2023
luv the List!🌹

1:38 PM, January 26th, 2023
I Doug That
The Bee-atlas are with the Rowing Stones.

3:41 PM, January 26th, 2023