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Heavy Friends
Saturday January 13th, 2024 with Heavy Ben
In Memoriam - 2023 (Part 2 of 3)

Part two in the annual Heavy Friends series that pays respects to the departed. Part one December 30 Part three February 3 Pictured: we are sorry to say adeus to Astrud Gilberto (who is not from Ipanema, by the way) (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
Hour one
Fraggle Rock Theme
The Fraggles (Philip Balsam sadly passed) - Jim Henson's Muppets Present Fraggle Rock - Muppet Music - 1983 Canadian
Seymour Stein
Belle & Sebastian (Seymour Stein sadly passed) - The Boy With The Arab Strap - Jeepster, Matador - 1998
Mood Swing
Luscious Jackson (Vivian Trimble sadly passed, Luscious Jackson sadly passed in 2022) - Fever In Fever Out - Grand Royal - 1996
I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
The Alan Parsons Project (Ian Bairnson sadly passed) - I Robot - Arista - 1977
Retrofuturism a la 1977
Dreader Dub
Fatman Vrs. Shaka (Jah Shaka sadly passed) - In A Dub Conference - Live And Love - 1980
But Not For Me
Ahmad Jamal (sadly passed) Trio - Ahmad Jamal At The Pershing - Argo - 1958
Marimba Dance
Karl Berger (sadly passed, Allen Blairman sadly passed in 2022) - We Are You - Calig - 1972
Esperando Minha Vez (Wait For My Turn)
Azimüth (Azimuth / Azymuth) (Ivan Conti sadly passed) - Azimüth (Azimuth) - Som Livre - 1975
Check the Ivan Conti Mamão Tribute Mixtape on Friday Drive
We Are All Prostitutes
The Pop Group (Mark Stewart and John Waddington and Tristan Honsinger sadly passed) - 7" - Rough Trade - 1979
Fancy a Chance Meeting with Mark Stewart?
Pygmy Twylyte
Frank Zappa and The Mothers (Ralph Humphrey sadly passed) - Roxy & Elsewhere (Live At The Roxy, Hollywood) - Discreet - 1974
Will His Love Be Like His Rum?
Harry Belafonte (sadly passed) - Calypso - RCA Victor - 1956
Remembering Harry Belafonte with Mike Regenstreif on Stranger Songs
Early Morning Rain
Gordon Lightfoot (sadly passed) - Gord's Gold - Reprise - 1975 (orig. recorded 1964) Canadian
Gordon Lightfoot's "The Way I Feel" examined and deconstructed
Old Smokey
Linda Lewis (sadly passed) - Lark - Reprise - 1972
Francis Monkman (sadly passed) - Tempus Fugit - Bruton - 1978
Bat Macumba
Os Mutantes (Rita Lee sadly passed) - Os Mutantes - Polydor - 1968
All The Things She Said
Simple Minds (John Giblin sadly passed) - Once Upon A Time - Virgin - 1985
Addis Ababa
The Skatalites (Lester Sterling sadly passed) - 7" - Coxsone - 1964
Machine Gun Etiquette
The Damned (Algy Ward aka Alasdair sadly passed) - Machine Gun Etiquette - Chiswick - 1979
These Things Take Time
The Smiths (Andy Rourke sadly passed) - Hatful Of Hollow - Rough Trade - 1984
Rubber Lips
Young-Holt Unlimited (Redd Holt sadly passed) - Oh Girl - Atlantic - 1973
Typish Jazz
Bernt Rosengren (sadly passed) With Komeda Trio - Crazy Girl, Soundtrack From The Motion Picture "Knife In The Water" - Polskie Nagrania Muza - 1962
Hour two
Last Night
The Mar-Keys (Floyd Newman sadly passed) - 7" - Satellite / Stax / London - 1961
Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter
Ike & Tina Turner (sadly passed) - Workin' Together - Liberty - 1970
هالليله (Hallailah)
محمد جمال (Mohammad Jamal sadly passed) - دروب الهوى (Doroup El Hawa) - EMI Araby - 1981
Chick Chick
The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe (Bill Lee sadly passed) - A Spirit Speaks - Strata East - 1974
Meco (Domenico Monardo aka Meco Monardo sadly passed) - Music From Star Trek And The Black Hole - Casablanca - 1980
Astrud Gilberto (sadly passed) - Now - Perception - 1972
Trevor Walker's tribute to Astrud Gilberto, Linda Lewis, and Reuben Wilson
All My Money, Alimony
Tony McPhee (sadly passed) - The Two Sides Of Tony (T.S.) McPhee - WWA Records - 1973
Gary Floyd
Butthole Surfers (Teresa Taylor sadly passed) - Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac - Touch And Go - 1984
Dancing On My Boomerang
Maximum Joy (John Waddington sadly passed) - Station M.X.J.Y. - Y Records - 1982
Terry Riley, Bang On A Can All-Stars (Robert Black sadly passed) - The Adding Machine - Cantaloupe Music - 2022
Sho-Nuff Mellow
Reuben Wilson (sadly passed) - Set Us Free - Blue Note - 1971
Lots o' Reuben on the Split/Shift from Day Job Rob
Machine Gun
Peter Brötzmann (sadly passed) Octet - Machine Gun - BRÖ - 1968
So You Want To Go Away Now
The Tourists (Eddie Chin sadly passed) - Luminous Basement - RCA - 1980
Rocky Top
The Osborne Brothers (Bobby Osborne sadly passed) - Yesterday, Today, And The Osborne Brothers - Decca - 1968
Such Is Life
Lord Creator (Kentrick Patrick sadly passed) - 7" - Randy's - 1968
Spikes To You
Drive Like Jehu (Rick Froberg sadly passed) - Drive Like Jehu - Headhunter - 1992
(الذكرى والشجن) Memory and Sorrow
Hafez Abdel Rahman and Anwar Abdel Rahman (حافظ عبد الحمن aka. Hafiz Abdelrahman sadly passed) - (live performance) - (not on label) - 1985
The Message From The Soul Sisters (Part 1)
Myra Barnes aka. Vicki Anderson (sadly passed) - 7" - King - 1970
United States Of Mind
Affinity (Mo Foster sadly passed) - Affinity (expanded edition) - Angel Air - 2002 (orig. album Vertigo - 1970)
Over And Over
Martin Stevens (Roger Prud'homme sadly passed) - 12" - Ovni - 1984 Canadian
Camel Rise
Bobby Hutcherson (Oscar Brashear and Dennis Budimir sadly passed) - Montara - Blue Note - 1975
Hour three

This is the end of the FM broadcast and live-stream. The third hour is bonus content available "on demand" (click LISTEN NOW at the top-left of the page for the full show).
Albert Should I Stand Here In The Hallway?
Faun (George Tickner sadly passed) - Faun - Gregar - 1970
C'est Tout
Bob Segarini (sadly passed) - Gotta Have Pop - Bomb Records - 1978 Canadian
Encore Lui
Jane Birkin (sadly passed) - Di Doo Dah - Fontana - 1973
Check out Elorious Cain's episode of The Groove on Jane Birkin
A Rã (A Ra)
João Donato (Joao Donato sadly passed) - Quem É Quem (Quem e Quem) - Odeon - 1973
For more Donato on the Friday Drive
Love For Sale
Tony Bennett (sadly passed) & Lady Gaga - Love For Sale - Columbia - 2021
Remembering Tony Bennett with Mike Regenstreif on Stranger Songs
Please - Thanks That's Alright
Tristan Honsinger (sadly passed) / Steve Beresford / Toshinori Kondo / David Toop - Imitation Of Life - Y Records - 1981
Still Listening
Sinéad O'Connor (sadly passed) - 7" - Chrysalis, Ensign - 1987
Jas Nasty offered an hour of O'Connor's music in 2022:

...then a two hour tribute following her death in 2023:
Rub The Top Of Jambi's Box
Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens sadly passed) - The Pee-Wee Herman Show - Fatima - 1981
Sır (Sir)
Erkin Koray (sadly passed) - Elektronik Türküler (Elektronik Türkuler) - Doğan (Dogan) - 1974
Toussaint McCall (sadly passed) - Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Ronn Records - 1967
Maera (Maiera)
Fred Stone (Peter Magadini sadly passed) - La Musique De / The Music Of: Fred Stone - Radio Canada International, CBC - 1972 Canadian
Hate Street Dialogue
Sixto Rodriguez (sadly passed) - Cold Fact - Sussex - 1970
Jemima Surrender
The Band (Robbie Robertson sadly passed) - The Band - Capitol - 1969 Canadian
Check out Lester Bear's tribute to Robbie Robertson on Indigenous CKCU

And Christophe Elie on Songs For The Revolution
15 After Da' Hour
Timbaland & Magoo (Melvin "Magoo" Barcliff sadly passed) - Welcome To Our World - Blackground Enterprises – 1997
Egg Radio (from Gary Larson's "ales from the Far Side')
Bill Frisell (Curtis Fowlkes sadly passed) - Quartet - Nonesuch - 1996
TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Theme From The Television Show "Soul Train")
MFSB (Eli Tatarsky aka. Bobby Eli sadly passed) feat. The Three Degrees - Love Is The Message - Philadelphia International Records - 1973
Box Elder
Pavement (Gary Young sadly passed) - Slay Tracks: 1933 - 1969, Westing (By Musket And Sextant) - Treble Kicker - 1989, Drag City - 1993
I Want Candy
The Strangeloves (Bob Feldman sadly passed) - I Want Candy - Bang Records - 1965
Missionary Stew # 2
Len Chandler (sadly passed) - To Be A Man A Recording Debut - Columbia - 1966
Stars Of The Lid (Brian McBride sadly passed) - Music For Nitrous Oxide - Sedimental - 1995
Interactive CKCU
Thanks mate

10:53 PM, January 12th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Any time MentalMeat

8:11 PM, January 13th, 2024
Seriously great programming ! Thanks Heavy Ben

8:11 PM, January 13th, 2024
Hey Ben, those of us who wore out Dark Side of the Moon, wore this LP almost as much a few years later 🌚

8:14 PM, January 13th, 2024
Thanks Ben, that's way too many people to lose in one year and I know this isn't even the full list

8:15 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Regis, these are quite the programs to produce

8:16 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Eddy, indeed. I Robot still sounds invigorating to me

8:17 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Wally. These shows have crept up in number and duration over the years. I don't want to overdo theme, but try to play as many artists as I can...

8:20 PM, January 13th, 2024
Dam that’s the one I meant

8:20 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Capitalism is the most barbaric of all religions

8:28 PM, January 13th, 2024
Listening. Enjoying. Saddened.

8:58 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks for joining DJR. A bit of sadness...

9:11 PM, January 13th, 2024
Thanks Ben for your consistently stellar programming.

9:18 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
Manmohan, thank you for the comment and for your programming on This Island Earth!

9:34 PM, January 13th, 2024
Ben Armstrong (host)
There is a bonus hour of music available via the LISTEN NOW link at the too left of the page. Catch you back here in three weeks for pt 3. Bon soir!

9:59 PM, January 13th, 2024