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Heavy Friends
Saturday December 30th, 2023 with Heavy Ben
In Memoriam - 2023 (Part 1 of 3)

Part one in the annual Heavy Friends series that pays respects to the departed. Part two January 13 Part three February 3 Pictured: Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) - electronic music pioneers Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Yukihiro Takahashi. Takahashi died in January 2023, Sakamoto died in March 2023. (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
Hour one

The first eight tracks are by musicians whose deaths in 2022 were not known when last year's shows were produced
Dances Of The Ancient Earth (For Oboe, Mandolin, Harp & Percussion)
George Crumb (sadly passed) - Ancient Voices Of Children - Nonesuch - 1971
Fight Tonight
Bopkats (Charly Markarian sadly passed) - 7" - Swamp Rock - 1982
Message To The Ghetto
Otis Jackson Sr. (sadly passed) - 7" - Mega - 1974
Tajemnica Enigmy
Andrzej Korzyński (Korzynski) (sadly passed) - Tajemnica Enigmy (Secret Enigma - 1968-1981) - Finders Keepers - 2012 (rec. 1980)
Journey To Recife
The Paul Winter Sextet (Warren Bernhardt sadly passed) - Jazz Meets The Bossa Nova - Columbia - 1962
Get Up
Vernon Burch (sadly passed) - Get Up - Chocolate City - 1979
Alex Oriental Experience (Gerd Dudek sadly passed) - Studio Tapes 1976-1978 - Wiska Records - 1996 (rec. 1976-1978)
Extended Voices (For Voices With Moog Synthesizer And Buchla Associates Electronic Modular System) [excerpt]
Toshi Ichiyanagi (sadly passed) - Extended Voices - Odyssey - 1967
We begin in January 2023 and present chronologically
Pass It On
Pieces Of Peace (Fred White sadly passed) - 7" - Twinight - 1970
Bad Boy
King Size Taylor & The Dominos (KingSize Taylor & The Dominoes) (Ted "Kingsize" Taylor sadly passed) - 7" - Decca - 1964
The Way Of The Dragon (Instrumental)
Joseph Koo (顧嘉煇 Joseph Koo Kar-Fai sadly passed) - The Way Of The Dragon (Original Soundtrack) - Tam - 1975
A Matter Of Gender
The Associates (Alan Rankine sadly passed) - The Affectionate Punch - Fiction - 1980
October Fourth [excerpt]
CCMC (Michael Snow sadly passed) - Volume Three - Music Gallery Editions - 1978 Canadian
Michael Snow is one of Canada's most important artists of the past 100 years

"Wavelength" from 1967 was named #85 in the 2001 Village Voice critics' list of the 100 Best Films of the 20th Century
Are You Ready For The Country?
The Ducks (Jeff Blackburn sadly passed) - High Flyin' - Shakey Pictures Records, Neil Young Archives Official Bootleg Series - 2023 (rec. 1977) Canadian
Trouble Child
Joni Mitchell (Dennis Budimir sadly passed) - Court And Spark - Asylym - 1974 Canadian
Beck's Bolero
Jeff Beck (sadly passed) - Truth - Epic - 1968 (rec. 1966)
Doug Bird's tribute to Jeff Beck on I Doug That
YMO / Yellow Magic Orchestra (高橋 幸宏 Yukihiro Takahashi (sadly passed) - BGM - A&M - 1981
Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes
Brave Belt (Robbie Bachman sadly passed, as did Chad Allan) - Brave Belt - Reprise - 1971 Canadian
Clos De Vie [excerpt]
José Evangelista (sadly passed) - Montréal Postmoderne - Centredisques - 1986 Canadian
Hour two
You Never Come Closer
Doris (Doris Svensson sadly passed) - Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby - Odeon - 1970
Rock Rock
Johnny Powers (sadly passed) With The Band Of Stan Getz & Tom Cats - 7" - Fox - 1957
If Only Everything
Queens of the Stone Age (Van Conner sadly passed) - Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age – Untitled - Man's Ruin Records - 1997
Eight Miles High
The Byrds (David Crosby sadly passed) - Fifth Dimension - Columbia - 1966
Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas
Marcel Zanini (sadly passed) [orig. Wilson Simonal] - Zanini - Riviera - 1969
Stella Chiweshe (sadly passed) - Ambuya? - Globe Style, Piranha - 1987
Money (That's What I Want)
Barrett Strong (sadly passed) - 7" - Tamla - 1959
Little Johnny Jewel pt.1
Television (Tom Verlaine sadly passed) - 7" - Ork - 1975
Joe Mendelson aka. Mendelson Joe (sadly passed) - Mr Middle Of The Road - Nobody - 1972 Canadian
Walk On By
Dionne Warwick (Burt Bacharach sadly passed) - 7" - Scepter, Barry - 1964
17 versions of Bacharach tunes as selected by Heavy Ben on Chance Meeting's Coversions series
Piero Montanari (sadly passed) - Bass Modulations - Octopus - 1973
Ego Trippin' (Part Two)
De La Soul (David Jolicoeur aka. Trugoy aka. Plug 2 sadly passed) - Buhlōōne Mind State (Buhloone Mind State) - Tommy Boy - 1993
Tribute to David Jolicoeur from De La Soul courtesy Trevor Walker on Friday Drive
Guido Basso (sadly passed) - And All That Latin Jazz! - Canadian Talent Library - 1978 Canadian
Paul Campbell played a set of tunes from Guido Basso on Swing Is In The Air
King Solomon's Mines
Three Dog Night (Floyd Sneed sadly passed) - Suitable For Framing - ABC, Dunhill - 1969 Canadian
Générique, Le Bracelet
Alain Goraguer (sadly passed) - La Planète Sauvage (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film) aka. Fantastic Planet - Pathé - 1973
La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) is one of the best and weirdest animated films from the 1970s.

And it is ripe for sampling! "Hip Hops Favorite Movie"
Love Machine
Spencer Wiggins (sadly passed) - 7" - Fame - 1969
Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
Huey "Piano" Smith (sadly passed) & His Clowns - 7" - Ace - 1957
I Keep Forgettin'
Chuck Jackson (sadly passed) - 7" - Wand - 1962
Super Bird
Country Joe And The Fish (Bruce Barthol sadly passed) - Electric Music For The Mind And Body - Vanguard - 1967
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Victor Brox sadly passed) - 7" - Blue Horizon, CBS - 1967
Come Una Zanzara
Il Volo (Alberto Radius sadly passed) - Il Volo - Numero Uno - 1974
Hour three

This is the end of the FM broadcast and live-stream. The third hour is bonus content available "on demand" (click LISTEN NOW at the top-left of the page for the full show).
El Gaucho
Wayne Shorter (sadly passed) - Adam's Apple - Blue Note - 1966
For more on Wayne Shorter, see Heavy Ben's episode of In A Mellow Tone:
Mile End
Pulp (Steve Mackey sadly passed) - Trainspotting (Music From The Motion Picture) - EMI - 1996
Banks Of The Nile
Carlos Garnett (sadly passed) - Black Love - Muse - 1974
Lie To Me
Kaleidoscope (David Lindley sadly passed) - Incredible Kaleidoscope - Epic - 1969
Vamos Dançar
Sueli Costa (sadly passed) - Sueli Costa - EMI - 1975
The artists behind two of the most requested and played songs on Dr. Demento's radio show died within a week. For extra demention, let's listen the song backwards!
Fish Heads
Barnes & Barnes (Robert Haimer sadly passed) - 7" - Lumania - 1978
They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! / !ɒɒɒH-ɒH ,γɒwA ɘM ɘʞɒT oT ϱnimoƆ ɘɿ'γɘ⑁T
Napoleon XIV / VIX noɘloqɒИ (Jerry Samuels sadly passed) - 7" - Warner - 1966
High Society
Junior English (sadly passed) - Naturally High - Burning Sounds, Burning Vibrations - 1978
Incredible Bongo Band (Jim Gordon sadly passed) - Bongo Rock - Pride, MGM - 1973 Canadian
Apache is known as "hip-hop's national anthem". The drum break has been sampled countless times, perhaps more than any other than the "Amen Brother" break.
Good To Your Earhole
Funkadelic (Fuzzy Haskins sadly passed) - Let's Take It To The Stage - Westbound - 1975
Heat, Light and Small Sand Flies
Galt MacDermot (Tony Coe sadly passed) - Back To The Barn - Columbia - 1962 Canadian
Jordan River Song
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou (sadly passed) - The Hymn Of Jerusalem, The Jordan River Song - (not on label), Mississippi Records - 1970, 2016
Grosse Nacht Musik
Patrick Vian (sadly passed) - Bruits Et Temps Analogues - Egg - 1977
Peggy Scott (sadly passed) & Jo Jo Benson - Soulshake - SSS Interntional - 1969
Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose
James Brown ('Sweet' Charles Sherrell sadly passed) - 7" - King - 1969
Riot In Lagos
坂本龍 Ryuichi Sakamoto (sadly passed) - B-2 Unit - Alfa - 1980
Check out Manmohan Panesar's tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto on This Island Earth
The Boys In The Band
Gentle Giant (Ray Shulman sadly passed) - Octopus - Vertigo - 1972
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks for joining. Let's celebrate the wonderful sounds that these musicians created!

8:04 PM, December 30th, 2023
Chris I.
Yikes, did not realise Vernon Burch died!

8:17 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Chris, yeah Burch's passing in 2022 was not well announced. I missed it, too.

8:30 PM, December 30th, 2023
Chris I.
Wow, Zanini too… and Doris. Sheesh.

9:14 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben, I wore 8 miles high to death on my Marconi with the nickel weight, RIP to all the great artists out……happy new year all heavy listeners 🍸

9:15 PM, December 30th, 2023
Tremendous episode Ben !

9:16 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Sheesh indeed, Chris

9:21 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Eddy, Eight Miles High is still striking when I hear it. They later expanded it to 15 miniutes when played live. Thanks for your ears all year and best in 2024

9:24 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thank you, Regis. It's some combination of pleasure, duty, and obsession that leads to this series.

9:26 PM, December 30th, 2023
Thanks as always for these wonderful In Memoriam shows you produce every year. As always there are artists new toi my ears and some favourites alike, but all offering examples of the power of music.

9:33 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Appreciate that Manmohan!

9:51 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Our time on FM and live-stream is up at 10:00PM. To hear the final hour of the program (Wayne Shorter to Gentle Giant), click LISTEN NOW at the top left, Thanks for supporting Heavy Friends in 2023! Catch you back here soon.

9:56 PM, December 30th, 2023
sadly passed eight miles high, 2023 - SOS - Old Long Syne, Venom rising ~ oy vey flames of Love extinguised for a Cup o' Kindness

9:58 PM, December 30th, 2023
Chris I.
Thanks Ben.

9:59 PM, December 30th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
gentleGigi, thanks for your words

10:03 PM, December 30th, 2023