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Heavy Friends
Saturday August 12th, 2023 with Heavy Ben
Heavy Ben marks 10 years on Heavy Friends with 10s of 10" records

Heavy Friends entered society in June 2012 with Lady Mary joined by Heavy Friend Bijon. In August 2013, B-Roy (aka. Oddball ) brought me in as a heavy friend. 10 years later, it's still fun to pack a bag of records and make my way to the CKCU studio. First off, thanks to you - "the listeners" - who appreciated, endured, commented, donated, and inspired us to get on the radio every Saturday night. Thanks to Bijon and Chris I for encouraging me to get on the air and for the production training, to CKCU staff for their support across Heavy Friends and the other shows I contribute(d) to, fellow Heavy Friends / hosts current (Jas Nasty, Lina), and past (Pink Veil, Mike, Regis, Memetic, Bill, Diane), frequent heavy friends (DJ Phooknüticus, Napalm Dan, Glory Hull, Tarek, Steve, Mel & Rob, DJ Spy )... and of course to Mary for getting this thing started! Pictured: a red 10" record that was mailed to my grandfather's office in 1950. Postage was $0.14 from New York City to Ottawa. (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
Andrzej Korzyński (Korzynski) - Trzecia Część Nocy (Third Part Of The Night) (OST) - Finders Keepers - 2012 (rec. 1972)
Bring The Pressure Washer! (BTPW)
New Fries - More - Telephone Explosion - 2017 Canadian
The Cat's Meow
The Gaslamp Killer - Heart Math - Cuss - 2020
The Whitefield Brothers - Chokin' / Rampage - Soul Fire - 2001
Root Down (And Get It)
Mr. Chop [orig. Jimmy Smith] - Switched On - Five Day Weekend - 2011
Please Send Me Someone To Love
Levert Allison (orig. Percy Mayfield) - An Introduction To Levert AKA "Leevert" Allison - En Avant La Zizique ! - 2011 (rec. 1969)
Run To Your Mama (Double Date Version)
Goat - Double Date (OST) - Rocket - 2018
J'en Ai Assez
Béatrice (Beatrice) Amy avec Jef Gilson - Chansons De Jazz - Jazzman - 2013 (rec. 1965)
Yekitir Tezeta (Yefikir Tizita)
Mulatu Astatke (Astatqe) - Mulatu Astatke (Astatqe) - Soundway - 2005 (rec. 1970)
Magnificent Dance
The Clash - Super Black Market Clash - Epic, Legacy - 1993 (rec. 1981)
Si Fermir O Grido (Touch cassette version)
A Certain Ratio - B-Sides, Sessions & Rarities - Soul Jazz - 2002 (rec. 1983)
Snatch & Brian Eno - First Edition - Editions EG - 1982 (rec. 1978)
Modern(e) Dancing
Men Without Hats - Folk Of The 80's - H.A.T.S. Inc. - 1980 Canadian
Straight Lines
New Musik - Straight Lines - Nu Disk - 1980
Abrasive Air
Mobile Clones - Abrasive Air - Artoffact - 2015 (rec. 1980) Canadian
Daft Punk - Translucence (Tron Legacy OST) - Walt Disney - 2011
Radio Jolly (ADULT. De-funked Remix)
Jollymusic - Radio Jolly - Illustrious - 2002
Antonio Vivaldi - Concert Hall Symphony Orchestra, Henry Swoboda (conductor) - Symphonies In C Major And F Major - Concert Hall Society - 1950
Chou Frisé
Moss Lime - Zoo du Québec - Telephone Explosion - 2015 Canadian
Terminal Tokyo
Garage Class - Terminal Tokyo - Outer Reaches - 2018 (rec. 1983)
Golden Clouds
The Flamin Groovies - Sneakers - A Snazz Recording - 1968
Revenge Of The Cybermen
The Prisoners - There's A Time - Munster - 1999 (rec. 1983)
Middle Mass
The Fall - Slates - Rough Trade - 1981
People Of The Sun
Rage Against The Machine - People Of The Sun - Revelation - 1997
In Return
Torche - In Return - Robotic Empire - 2007
Sick, Sick, Sick
Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris - Ipecac Recordings - 2007
Ain't That The Truth
Gossip - Arkansas Heat - Kill Rock Stars - 2002
Robot Meets Girl
Kid Koala - Nufonia Must Fall Live - (self-released) - 2015 Canadian
The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me
Fats Waller - Fats Waller and his Rhythm Vol. 1 - RCA - 1955 (rec. 1937)
I Think I Need A New Heart
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - Merge - 1999
Beastie Boys - Alive - Grand Royal - 1999
Part Two (Drums)
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - Backwards Forwards - Manifold - 1999
Paths In Soft Focus
Savath + Savalas - The Rolls And Waves - Hefty - 2002
Meus Filhos Afrobeat Rework [Afro Beatz Remix]
Tony Allen & Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra Featuring BNegão [orig. Jorge Ben] - Meus Filhos Afrobeat Rework - Comet - 2013
Chapter One
The Natural Yogurt Band - Away With Melancholy - Now-Again, Jazzman - 2009
Mount View Rock
Jah Wobble & Diggory Kenrick - Mount View Special - Pressure Sounds - 2016
International Herb
Sugar Minott - International Herb - Dougie's, Wackie's - 1983
Interactive CKCU
Killer show so far! Happy 10th anniversary to you Ben. We're glad you're spinning these wonderful records on a regular basis.

8:21 PM, August 12th, 2023
Happy 10!!! Thanks for the work! Thanks for your love of music! Makes us all richer!;-)

8:23 PM, August 12th, 2023
Vicomte R
Congratulations Heavy Ben ! Killer set so far. I’m loving it. Thanks for keeping Heavy Friends alive and well

8:24 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thank you Manmohan for your ears and various contributions to the station!

8:25 PM, August 12th, 2023
Grandpa was a Dr. on Sparks st.....G.P.?

8:28 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
hillbilly, appreciate your comments. keep it locked!

8:28 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Vicomte R, appreciate that! A la bientot...

8:29 PM, August 12th, 2023
Happy 10 Ben!! 🎂🎊🍾 Awesome playlist!

8:30 PM, August 12th, 2023
Happy 10, Ben! Great selections this eve; love this Clash remix. Will be back for the track ID.

8:33 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
hb, yes a dentist on Sparks Street in the 40s - 60s. and a record collector, too. it's genetic ;)

8:34 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Lina, catch you soon on Heavy Friends!

8:34 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Zoë! You can find this on the 12" for The Magnificent Seven and on the 3x10" SUPER Black Market Clash

8:36 PM, August 12th, 2023
Congrats Ben on 10 years and I love the 10" format 👌👌👌

8:38 PM, August 12th, 2023
Dave Aardvark (host)
One of the best things that ever happened to CKCU 10 years ago Heavy Ben. Thanks for your tremendous imagination, dedication and support!

8:40 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Wally, thanks it was fun to go through the 10-inch shelf

8:41 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Dave, thanks for the kinds words and your support over the years

8:44 PM, August 12th, 2023
Lawn chairs are everywhere, thanks for the smorgasbord of 80s memories Ben …Hey Wally !

8:50 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey hey Eddy, settle down ;) glad you are around when i test the waters

8:54 PM, August 12th, 2023
Happy 10 years at CKCU Heavy Ben! Thank you😊

8:55 PM, August 12th, 2023
Congratulations on a decade of thoughtful, educational and entertaining radio Sir! CHEERS!

8:57 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Candace, thanks and keep the Candy Shop a rockin! See you some Friday afternoon

8:58 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Scott, thanks for your many awesome soundtrack shows. I took a tip from Chuck D: "Teach the bourgeois, and rock the boulevard"

9:00 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben in the studio, raw, organic and torched ….let’s party 🤩

9:27 PM, August 12th, 2023
More of a 'mud trail' to here but well rocked anyways - tonight and always. Thx Ben for 10 years dedication to the 'public good' that's actually ...good!

9:34 PM, August 12th, 2023
Jas Nasty
Hello Ben we are just getting back in range en route from mtl! Congrats on 10 years of producing heavy quality radio!!!

9:36 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Clear as mud, eh Andrew!? Thanks for chiming in

9:40 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
On FM Jas Nasty? Hope Mtl was fun. Catch you soon for a collab Heavy Friends live action

9:41 PM, August 12th, 2023
Jas Nasty
yes! FM car radio! Sounding good and yes looking forward to live in studio!

9:57 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Car radio FTW!

10:04 PM, August 12th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks all for your ears tonight. Catch you back here soon...

10:05 PM, August 12th, 2023
Great show as ever -- thanks for all your great work on Heavy Friends, at the mic and behind the scenes!

11:40 AM, August 13th, 2023
Chris I.
Thanks for all the music, info and hosting Ben! 10 years in the blink of an eye?

12:06 PM, August 13th, 2023