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Heavy Friends
Saturday August 5th, 2023 with Heavy Ben
Food Day Canada: more songs about hotdogs and bananas

August 5 is Food Day Canada so let's explore songs about mm... food. Gastronomicplentyfication! Food Day Canada is a grassroots movement that engages and inspires everyone to shop, cook & dine Canadian. It’s a chance for all Canadians to join hands in one massive celebration in praise of our farmers and fishers, our chefs and researchers and, above all, our home cooks. Canadian Ingredients, "Local" foods, and references The Awesome Social Value of the Chiquita Banana Song (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
Hour one
The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile - Capitol - 1967
Garlic Bread
Garry & Larry - (single) - Goliath - 1963
Ants In The Kitchen
Masters Of Reality - Sunrise On The Sufferbus - Def American Recordings, Chrysalis - 1992
Lettuce And Vodka
X - Hey Zeus! - Big Life - 1993
Stay Hungry
Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings And Food - Sire - 1978
Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
Hank Williams - (single) - MGM - 1952
Hot Tamale
Jackie Mittoo - Now - Studio One - 1969
Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)
100 Proof - Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed - Buhhad - 1970
Give A Man A Fish
Arrested Development - 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of - Cooltempo, Chrysalis - 1992
Mac Demarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs - Mac's Record Label - 2023 Canadian New
The Great Banana Hoax
The Electric Prunes - Underground - Reprise - 1967
Quaker Banana Mellows
Barry Gray feat. Mike Sammes Singers - Stand By For Adverts - Trunk - 2011 (rec. 1961)
Hot Dog
Corky Jones (Buck Owens) - (single) - Pep - 1956
Banana Juice
Robin Artus / Paul Kass (Johnny Hawksworth) - Electrolite - Parry Music Library - 1982 Canadian
Hot Dog
The New Mastersounds feat. The Haggis Horns - Keb Darge Presents The New Mastersounds - Deep Funk, BBE - 2001
Yes, We Have No Bananas
Louis Prima - (single) - Mercury - 1949
Hot Dogs
I Gres - I Gres - Globevision - 1974
Smokin' Banana Peels
The Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana Peels - Enigma - 1989
I'm a Chiquita Banana
Miss Chiquita (Monica Lewis) - (advert) - United Fruit Company - 1952
Hot Dog
Dandelion Wine - (single) - Sussex - 1973
Music To Eat Bananas To
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Demos Vol. 2. (Music To Eat Bananas To) - KGLW - 2021
Banana Boat (Day-O)
Harry Belafonte - Calypso - RCA Victor - 1956
Hour two
Animal Collective - Centipede Hz - Domino - 2012
Chocolate Candy
Terry Crawford - Good Girl Gone Bad - RCA Victor - 1982 Canadian
Los Pekenikes - Ss. Ss. Ss. Q. E. S. M. - Hispavox - 1971
What's For Dinner?
The King Khan & BBQ Show - What's For Dinner? - In The Red Recordings - 2006 Canadian
5-Piece Chicken Dinner
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique - Capitol - 1989
Roasted Or Fried (Broasted Or Fried)
St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - St. Vincent's Supersound - Soufrière - 1972
Spare Ribs
Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs - Rogh Trade - 2021
Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book II (In which Lucifer Tempts Jesus of Nazareth) - Q.D.K. Media / Telephone Explosion - 2001 / 2014 (rec. 1979) Canadian
Sugar Pop
Harry Frobes - Electrolite - Parry Music Library - 1982 Canadian
Ken Nordine - Colors - Philips - 1966
Margerine Rock
Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse - Duophonic - 2004
Rapp Snitch Knishes
MF DOOM feat. Mr. Fantastik - MM..Food - Rhymesayers Entertainment - 2004
Crocque Monsieur
Wordburglar - 3rdburglar - Hand'Solo Records - 2012 Canadian
Green Mango
Bobby Ellis & Tommy McCook - Green Mango - Attack - 1974
Coffee Beans
Moondog - Moondog 2 - Columbia, CBS - 1971
Potato Chips
Slim Gaillard & his Baker's Dozen - (single) - Mercury - 1953
Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)
Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner - Asylum - 1975
Electric Tea
Nick Milner - Electrolite - Parry Music Library - 1982 Canadian
Roast Fish & Cornbread
Lee Perry - (single) - Upsetters - 1976
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
We're making tacos for dinner. You?

8:10 PM, August 5th, 2023
Hey Ben, I love romaine lettuce, roast fish and cornbread with my vodka!

8:12 PM, August 5th, 2023
Dandy Côté fam
Tuning in from Montreal, making burgers and salad. We’ve got lots of ideas for your next food show: Raclette Party Carrot Juice is Murder Peaches (too obvious?)

8:26 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Eddy, the last song of the night is for you

8:40 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Salut Dandy Côté fam. Enjoi votres hambourgeois ;)

8:46 PM, August 5th, 2023
Eating fresh picked corn, so good 😋

8:49 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben, I can't tell you how great it was to just randomly hear Smoking Banana Peels on the radio! Haven't heard that in years. Thank you!

8:54 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Ahh Wally, nice to hear. My annual corn roast is planned for later in August.

9:00 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Brian, thanks for letting me know. A classic from the Dead Milkmen!

9:02 PM, August 5th, 2023
The funny thing, with songs like Day-O (Harry Belafonte), is that they sound SO MUCH clearer and of better quality (voices, echo, bass) than when originally played in, say, 1953 -- and heard coming out of a shelf AM radio. Now? Cleaned up, remastered, digitised, broadcast digitally, and played out on my pretty good sound system, through the graphic equaliser. The same goes for many -- all? -- 50s tunes, for instance Buddy Holly's.

9:05 PM, August 5th, 2023
Chris I.
Do Animal Collective always very much different on every album? Every time I hear them , it doesn’t sound like the previous time I heard them.

9:07 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Benoît, for sure. I love analog and my records but contemporary sound systems are a boon.

9:15 PM, August 5th, 2023
I’m hungry.

9:23 PM, August 5th, 2023
Napalm Dan
The Garrys would have approved of our Burgers, Buoy. Sweet show. Enjoyed the Animal Collective and Sleaford Mods.

9:32 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Chris, yeah it's not always easy to pick out the Animal Collective sound. There are threads across the sound, but each album can be distinct.

9:33 PM, August 5th, 2023
Sir hillbilly
beeeeggg Salad. All jardin. tomato sauce, garlic, olive O, dumplings....& H.Friends. Perfect. 🌹

9:35 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey DJR, work on that hunger management

9:35 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks for tuning in Napalm Dan. Perhaps another food show in the future?

9:39 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Love me a big salad, Sir hillbilly

9:40 PM, August 5th, 2023
I hate it when someone gives me a croque monseiur... A total disgrace!

10:03 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks all for tuning in and for your comments. Catch you back here next Saturday @8pm

10:04 PM, August 5th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Haha Jeff, did you order a ham & cheese?

10:22 PM, August 5th, 2023