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Heavy Friends
Saturday May 28th, 2022 with Jas Nasty
May Mixtape

I made myself a mixtape for walks and general listening to. Hope you enjoy the music :) I have to credit Lina, and t_al_z for inspiring the sweet mixtape vibe I got from past Heavy Friend shows they put together- with a smooth blend of boogie, disco, soul, new wave, etc. Thank you all Heavy Friends and Heavy listeners! Grateful to be part of this community.
Nights Over Egypt
The Jones Girls -
I Want To Thank You
Alicia Myers -
Keep The Fire Burning
Gwen McCrae -
Donna Summer -
Spacer Woman
Charlie -
Missing - (Todd Terry Remix)
Everything But The Girl -
Break Out
Frank Hatchett -
Which Way Is Up
Frank Hatchett -
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Joey Negro edit)
The Clark Sisters -
Make Me Believe In You
Patti Jo -
Girls It Ain't Easy
Honey Cone -
I'm Coolin', No Foolin'
Lesley Gore -
N'écoute pas les idoles
France Gall -
Dara Puspita -
Turn Here
Eddie & Ernie -
Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter (Live)
Nina Simone -
You Got to Run (Spirit of the Wind)
Buffy Sainte-Marie & Tanya Tagaq -
Running Up That Hill (Datassette Remix)
Kate Bush -
What Have I Done to Deserve This?
Dusty Springfield & Pet Shop Boys -
Nobody's Diary
Yaz -
Just Like U Said It Would B
Sinéad O'Connor -
96 Tears
Big Maybelle -
You're Losing Me
Ann Sexton -
Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix cover)
Patti Smith -
In The World
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith -
New track from Ziibiwan -
bodies in the river
Ziibiwan - Canadian New
Burning World (PJ Harvey cover of The Desperate Kingdom of Love)
Kitty & Edan -
Myself on the MOOG theremini!
Do Say
GINNY band - Canadian
It Could Be Sweet (Jungle Remix)
6Blocc/ Portishead -
Time After Time
Ghost -
Lost Mi Love
Yellowman -
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty (host)
Happy Saturday Heavy Friends and Listeners :)

8:04 PM, May 28th, 2022
Heavy Lina
Wow -- I'm truly loving the tunes,, staying locked right here!

8:26 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Hi Lina! I wonder if you'll be able to tell which of your Heavy Friend episodes inspired me here haha! :) Thank you for tuning in

8:27 PM, May 28th, 2022
Hi Jas, back on the grid and groovin to your beats 😎

8:28 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Hey Eddy, thank you for hanging out :)

8:29 PM, May 28th, 2022
Heavy Lina
One of my last summer shows? You got me. Loving this show! :-)

8:35 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Definitely got Clark Sisters from you Lina!

8:43 PM, May 28th, 2022
Heavy Ben
Bonsoir Jas, merci pour les tunes!

8:56 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Hey Heavy Ben, Nice to see you IRL at long last! :)

9:01 PM, May 28th, 2022
Fun first hour. Thank Jas.

9:02 PM, May 28th, 2022
BSt-M ^ Tagaq!!! How cool is that!

9:06 PM, May 28th, 2022
Very cool show Jas! Thanks so much! Made my night!

9:09 PM, May 28th, 2022
Sonic heavy remix of Kate B.

9:11 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Hey Chris and Peter B thank you for your ears! Lina I appreciate that :)

9:11 PM, May 28th, 2022
96 tears !! …the original version was even Heavier.

9:31 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Eddy I went hard with that version I prefer Maybelle now!!

9:33 PM, May 28th, 2022
mike p
Patti, I love artists with similar loves, sure everyone does

9:36 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Hello mike p thank you for listening :)

9:41 PM, May 28th, 2022
Jas Nasty (host)
Thank you everyone for listening, and to future listeners too. Take care :)

9:56 PM, May 28th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
thanks for the music Jas.

9:57 PM, May 28th, 2022
Nice finish Jas, I also went hard with ??? blasting on my 1963 Chevy car radio …god Im old !

10:02 PM, May 28th, 2022
What a journey! Favs were the Eddie and Ernie and Ann Sexton tracks...thank you for teaching me!

12:31 AM, June 2nd, 2022