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Heavy Friends
Saturday July 4th, 2020 with Jas Nasty
Guest mix from Shaya Ishaq (zamzamclub) , 'what would the ancestors say?' & a mix by Jas in hour 2 'circle the sun'

Shaya shared her incredible mix featuring music by Black artists and sound clips from Audre Lorde and others... and I was inspired to make a mix as well, using music I purchased from Black Bandcamp in support of the NAACP. @shyshaya ~
A beautiful mix by Shaya Ishaq (zamzamclub) , 'what would the ancestors say?'
Erykah Badu -

Nina Simone excerpt -
Springtime Again
Sun Ra -
Like It Is
Yusef Lateef -

excerpt of James Baldwin -
Degi Degi
Don Cherry -

excerpt of Audre Lorde from The Berlin Years -
Herbie Hancock -

excerpt of Audre Lorde from The Berlin Years -
Sunset Village
Beverly Glenn-Copeland -
Les Fleurs
Minnie Riperton -
Second Wind
Khadja Bonet -
Come Live With Me
Dorothy Ashby -
Galaxy in Turiya
Alice Coltrane -

Sonia Sanchez reciting Put On The Sleeves of Love -
Now a mix of music by Jas Nasty ~ 'circle the sun' ~
I was happy when a sun theme organically came together as I was drawing inspiration from these heavy days and hazy heat, and of course "sunset village" by Beverly-Glenn Copeland on Shaya's mix... to commemorate another trip around the sun for me (july 4 is my birthday :)
Purple Sunset
Space Ghost - New
A Song and Many Moons
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Canadian
Don't Forget
Aquakultre - Canadian New
Si j'etais un homme (value sound version)
Elle Barbara - Canadian New
Born To Love Myself
Seiiizmikk - Canadian
Line Five (No Justice No Peace GF RMX)
Bruno Furlan - New
log me in
myst milano - Canadian
i want u 2 see this
sydanie - Canadian
Bird's Eye View
Chivengi - Canadian
Mitsubishi (Ouri Harp Version)
Chivengi - Canadian
Catch The Rising Sun
Kathryn Patricia - Canadian New
You're Like The Sun
Hold The Light
Space Ghost - New
Morning At The Beach House
Space Ghost - New
Sunset On The Beach
Space Ghost - New