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Heavy Friends
Saturday May 30th, 2020 with Heavy Mike
A mixed bag of sonic goodies with a dash of hot groove!

Thanks for listening to another edition of Heavy Friends. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this show was prerecorded. Stay safe and keep yourself free with CKCU 93.1.
Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity - 1975 Capitol
Never Satisfied
Doctor L, Tony Allen et al. - Psyco on da Bus - 2001 Comet
Janitor of Lunacy
Nico - Desert Shore - 1970 Reprise
Blue Milk
Stereolab - Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Starry Night - 1999 Duophonic Ultra High Frequency-Disks
For What It's Worth (Howie B mix)
Love T.K.O - 12" - 1994 Mo' Wax
It Begins With a Blessing /Once I Awakened /But it Ends With a Curse
Kevin Ayers - The Confessions of Dr Dream and Other Stories - 1974 Island
I Don't Want You on my Mind
Bill Withers - Still Bill - 1972 Sussex
I Didn't Ask To Be
Blue Mitchell - Blues' Blues - 1972 Mainstream
Twin Stars of Thence
Sun Ra - Lanquidity - 1978 Philly Jazz
Its Too Late
Johnny Hammond - Break Out - 1971 Kudu
Sonny Rollins - Nucleus - 1975 Milestone
You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks and I'll Be Straight
The JB's - Doing It To Death - 1973 People
Ain't No Such Thing as a Superman
Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson Midnight Band - The First Minute Of a New Day - 1975 Arista
Perpetual Dawn Ultrabass (Alex Paterson remix)
The Orb - 12" - 1991 Big Life
Scraper (Psychonauts remix)
Liquid Liquid - 12" - 1998 Mo' Wax
Hey Venus (BSE remix)
That Petrol Emotion - 12" - 1989 Virgin
Body Music
The Strikers - 12" - 1981 Prelude
Interactive CKCU
Michael Valerio (host)
Interactive is up, up, up.

8:34 PM, May 30th, 2020
Steady Grooving

8:49 PM, May 30th, 2020
Michael Valerio (host)
Thank you sir!

9:04 PM, May 30th, 2020
Been passing this on to all ma' friends

9:07 PM, May 30th, 2020
Heavy Mike
Trogdor, you are beyond measure.

9:11 PM, May 30th, 2020
Heavy Ben
Good tunes Mike, glad to hear you back on the air!

9:54 PM, May 30th, 2020
drummin awayyyy Man,! merci

9:55 PM, May 30th, 2020
Michael Valerio (host)
Thanks Man! Heavy Ben, thanks for keeping a Heavy hand on the wheel during COVID with Pink Veil and Jas Nasty

9:58 PM, May 30th, 2020
Michael Valerio (host)
Thanks Glenn, keep it locked!

9:59 PM, May 30th, 2020