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Heavy Friends
Saturday September 30th, 2017 with Jas Nasty
Special Guests Cyan and Fengir

Special Guests Cyan aka CMD and Fengir from MTL in the studio tonight educating us about techno and sharing some music.
CMD - Warrior Loves - Sound Warrior 2017 Canadian New
Lycan Disco
CMD - Lycan Disco - Jacktone 2017 Canadian New
Aspirations For Young Xol
Santiago Salazar - Aspirations For Young Xol - Pastel Voids 2017 New
An Idea Of Being
CLAWS - Stygian Morass - Left Hand Path 2017
Beautiful Deflector
Daniela La Luz - Volcalarized EP - Raw Wax
Bubo Blakistoni
Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - Quetzalcoatl - Crimes of the Future 2014
Sierra Echo
Ozel AB - . - Workshop 24 2017
Liquid Asset - Inviolate Light Being - Jacktone 2017 New
Slug Life
CMD - OSC jamz - self-released 2017 Canadian
Bill Converse - The Shape Of Things To Come - 2017 New
Why Is There A Long Line In Front Of The Factory?
Karen Gwyer - Rembo - Don't Be Afraid 2017
Sky High Bridges And Dreams
FOQL - Lower Your Expectations - Always Human Tapes 2017
The Declared Enemy
HIRO KONE - Love Is The Capital - 2017
Skinnybones - SKB01 - self-released 2017 Canadian
The Workers Are On Strike
Karen Gwyer - Rembo - Don't Be Afraid 2017
Paranerd - Silktrops - 2017
Fengir steps up to the decks to share a few tracks from his label Ancient Robot
Deep Window
Citofono - Iron Logic - Ancient Robot 2012 Canadian
Lazer Falcon - Skweee Inna Dancehall - Ancient Robot 2013 Canadian
Duke Slammer - Simple Pleasures EP - Ancient Robot 2014
Fitzroy North - Cronopic EP - Ancient Robot 2015
AJ - Iron Logic - Ancient Robot 2016
Interactive CKCU
Jasmine C (host)
Hello Heavy listeners, hope everyone is having a good night! If you would like to check out more music by my heavy guest CMD - here is her bancamp -

8:09 PM, September 30th, 2017
Ben Armstrong (host)
Diggin' the spacey vibes

9:05 PM, September 30th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Hey Heavy Ben thanks for tuning in! Have a good time DJing at Oz kafe tonight!

9:09 PM, September 30th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Now Playing

9:11 PM, September 30th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
You can find more of CMD's music here -

9:44 PM, September 30th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Fengir now playing some tracks from his label Ancient Robot -

9:45 PM, September 30th, 2017